Airplanes 2, The Sequel

A senior moment, there’s three things I forgot to put in my Airplane entry.

First, I triggered Security in Honolulu, unbelievable I wore a blouse that I got for seven bucks at Fashion Bug, and it almost cost me seven years behind bars. 

When I find a blouse I like I buy it in several colors and they all went with me to Hawaii however after the incident while catching a connecting flight in Honolulu they stayed in the suitcase. The blouse has a decorative buckle and it set off the alarm, so they pulled me aside and used the wand. I guess at that time the rivets on my jeans started to act up and cause trouble. So they had to pat me down. So there I stood arms outstretched while this woman explained she needed to pat me down, it seemed like fondling, I haven’t been touched like that in sometime. It got to a point where I began to enjoy it and was just about ready to ask her out for a drink when I heard my husband say “put your arms down their done.” Oh well, I’ll never see the people I held up in line again so it didn’t bother me.

The second thing I forgot  was on our flight back, there was a family travelling with their two young children. Now I realize we have been very fortunate with our granddaughter, she has been traveling since nine months old, having been in other countries forty-one times. She has been in flights up to twelve hours, and has never cried or caused any inconvenience to her parents or other travelers. We realize it’s hard for people with children that have not been accustomed to frequent traveling. 

Well this family’s two children cried solid for four and a half hours, they made no attempt to calm their children, no attempt to pop their ears by either holding their noses and having them blow,  nor did they give them bottle or gum. They did however let them from time to time stand in the aisle to cry, they also let them kick the seats in front of them, my poor son and daughter in law suffered through this the entire flight. To make matter worse their son apparently threw up and all the parents did was wipe his shirt, Dana could smell it one row up and across. The only thing my son and Muriel said was they did hear the father say; “Maybe we should start disciplining them.” Hello? 

The third thing I forgot was the movie Museum 2, the flight attendants were selling earplugs and I thought  this would help block out the crying, and make the time go faster. When the movie started everyone is talking in Spanish, no problem I’ve seen movies before when they start out in a foreign language, but after twenty minutes and still no English I’m getting frustrated and losing my patience. My family apparently was able to understand they were all smiling and chuckling, it was ridiculous, no sub titles nothing. I took off the earplugs stared a hole through the side of my husbands head. Once he acknowledged me, I asked him, “how in the hell are you understanding what’s going on when their talking in Spanish?” He didn’t answer just leaned over and changed the channel. 

I need to get out more.


3 Responses to “Airplanes 2, The Sequel”

  1. 1 Jennifer September 15, 2009 at 3:39 am

    You are so funny. We traveled with twin baby boys (10 months old) so i understand kids crying. They did great. This would be there 2nd long distance flight so “The Mommy & Daddy” kept bottles and binkys handy. You buy clothes like Gail & I do In bulk. So funny i bought clothes for the trip to. Oh, the movie, you didn’t miss a thing. It was probably better in spanish. It sucked. I just played with the babies it was more intertaining.
    No matter how bad the flight was there and back and all the stress of the airport & clothes (bathing suits) Hawaii was wonderful. I am ready to go back right now!! Have a great day.. Jennifer

  2. 2 Nancy September 15, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I’m so glad the kids did well, children usually do, sometimes they cry and its understandable but when the parents are ill prepared it can be disastrous

    Buying in bulk is the only way to go, it’s so hard for me to find something that fits well, that when I do, I also buy the next size down in case I lose weight. My joke to Paul is if something should happen to me to marry someone a little smaller because I already bought her a wardrobe.

  3. 3 seniorsafari September 15, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Nancy, you are such a hoot!!!!

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