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I’m A Grandmother Again!

Dana, Chris and Mackenzie received a called on March 23rd about a precious little girl that was born was born in Nevada, on March 5th; she weighed 6lb 2ozs and was 18 inches long.

We all were on pins and needles waiting for the birthmother to make a decision on who would become her daughter’s adoptive parents. A decision was made a few weeks later and on April 9th, Riley Renee was placed in our daughter’s arms.

My granddaughter Mackenzie is such a wonderful big sister, Riley smiles and watches her every move.

This grandma would like to say thank you to two mothers who made the hardest decision to place their child up for adoption, a decision made out of unselfish love that affected so many people.

Please know our granddaughters are cherished and greatly loved.

Your act of love, not only completed my daughter’s family, it completed the lives of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends.

Please know that you are both loved and in my prayers, one day our paths will cross, and our family tree will become bigger connected by two little branches.

(Visit the link “My Daughter Dana” to see one of the first pictures of the happy family)


Locks Of Love, Lots Of Love. Six Degrees of Separation

Six degrees or as some call it the “Human Web” is an idea that everyone is six steps away from knowing everyone on the planet. For instance I know six people; they all know six people (36) now they know six people (216) and each one of them know six people (1296) get the picture. In this day and age, the internet connects you to people all around the world. Having said that I will venture out to say everyone is one degree of separation from knowing someone with cancer.

My granddaughter Mackenzie is six years old, her grandfather passed away from cancer before she was born, and her aunt and cousin have been affected by cancer, plus other distant relatives and friends. But now it’s one of her friends in her kindergarten class, Andrew, who has liver cancer. This has made it too real for all of us, any age, anyone, anytime.

For her it’s seeing someone who is unable to come to class, someone to weak to go to parties, someone who had a crazy Mohawk hairdo before he would lose his hair. Mac says the only thing we can do is to love her friend and pray. Everyone is willing to help in anyway they can, even a six year old.

Mac decided to cut her beautiful long hair, while this will not directly help her friend it will help some other child.

So today my daughter will mail Mac’s hair to Locks of Love (a non profit org) that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children (under the age of 21) in the US and Canada who have lost their hair due to any illness.

Mackenzie, grandma is very proud of you, we’ll keep praying for everyone affected by illness, and I’ll and keep thanking God for sending you to us, sometimes we all need to see how pure a child’s love is. Your hair will grow back, but the gift of providing another child some type of normalcy is a life lesson to us all.

Love Grandma

I wrote this entry on Saturday March twentieth, Andrew’s condition remains the same, however Jessie age fifteen a former student at Mackenzie’s school who was also battling cancer was called home to our Father’s arms on Monday March twenty-second. Both families are in our prayers.

What’s Up LA Times?

Okay its time to take on the big boys the “Los Angeles Times.” They recently had an article about children that are watched after school by their grandparents, are more likely to be heavier than children watched by their parents or other daycare providers.
Who in the hell are these people to make such a statement I would like to quote some of what was said but I was so angry I ate the paper.

Now I’m a typical grandparent who provides after school care for my (adorable) granddaughter. My day starts at 3:00 picking her up from school. Now I do feed Mackenzie after school because normally she doesn’t eat all her lunch, she is usually to busy talking or running around. I will admit to feeding her McDonalds, she likes the fish sandwich and apple slices or we go straight home where I make her soup, grilled cheese or she just snacks on fruit dried or fresh or veggies she loves veggies but to be totally honest I will get her an occasional slurpee.

Next we have homework, she so far has a list of about sixty reading words from school. Grandma has an additional list of eighty words she has learned, no slacker grandma here. Now depending on what day it is after homework, it’s either back into the car for cooking class (one day a week) Tae Kon Do (two times a week) T-ball (4 times a week) and dance (one day a week).

Now since she’s older (6 years old) and her parents work for a family business, and their boss whose name also starts with grandma looks the other way so daddy can manage the T-ball team and mommy and grandpa can coach while I maintain my status as locker room attendant and chauffer. Her daddy has been picking her up earlier to take her to Tae Kwon Do since there’s limited seating and it’s just to long of a class for me to stand.

Now on occasion when mom and dad have errands we play beauty shop, doctors, school or volley ball. On a typical week she averages maybe an hour of TV a week under grandma’s watch.

So LA Times you should retract your article because most grandparents now are in their fifties, were not sitting in rockers all day long, heck were probably more active than the person who sat behind the desk for eight hours who wrote the article.

Most grandparents have a vested interest to keep their grandchildren busy, active and out of trouble. I am offended to think that someone would say we sit our grandkids in front of the TV and stuff them all day long.

Maybe your next article should be about grandparents getting heavier since they are always sitting as spectators or chauffeuring their skinny grandkids to and fro.

Pole Dancing

Mackenzie’s T-Ball games have been on Wednesdays at five, or Saturdays at nine. Last week her game was on Saturday at ten, I was surprised for a later game we had less parents in the bleachers. I later found out some were working the snack bar.

Thank God. 

My son Chris acts as the catcher for the team. The way it works, is the coach pitches to the kids, if they are unable to hit the ball after five throws, my son pulls out the T stand so the kids can get a hit.

Now my son Chris wears shorts three hundred and sixty-five days a year. He retires only the ones with holes. Most of them will eventually come my way to have a button that’s dangling or has popped off sewn back on. 

Except the pair he was wearing last Saturday. 

It was the third inning; a kid had just hit the ball and was running to first. I looked back and saw my son pole dancing, or I guess it would have been called T-Ball dancing. I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything, my daughter Dana saw my face and looked in the direction of her husband; all I heard was “what the heck.” 

When it dawned on me what had happened, I couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently when he bent down to pick up the ball, his button popped. Since he has recently lost about twenty pounds, without the button his pants started to fall off. He grabbed his pants with both hands one in front because his zipper was going south, and the other holding his pants up on the side. While this was happening he was stepping back into the T-Ball stand. So, what we saw was a thirty-nine year old, wiggling, giggling, with the plastic pole poking his behind. 

When my daughter Dana married him fourteen years ago, he became my son. He knows how I feel about him. I have never called him “in-law.” But last Saturday, seeing him on the field, just for an instant I wanted to stand up and yell. The dancer is my son by marriage”.

Spring Break

Since I retired, I have been picking up my granddaughter from preschool. She stays with me a few hours until her mom and dad get home. We’ll play beauty shop, paint our nails outrageous colors, or just talk about silly stuff. Let’s face it, I’m at that special time in my life where I have more patience, more time, and realize how fast kids grow. 

Due to my granddaughter having problems with asthma, she stayed with me a few days prior to Spring break. Some of the things we talked about were; 

“Grandma, did you know that Santa has two lists, one if you good and one if your naughty?”
“Yes, I did know that.”
“What did you get from Santa, grandma?”
“Oh, my gosh Santa didn’t get me anything!”
“What did he get grandpa?”
“Yikes, he didn’t get anything either!”
“Grandma, you need to try harder.” 

“Grandma, why do you lock the bathroom door?”
“Well, remember the last time your little friend Morgan came over to visit with her mommy, and you showed them pictures you drew of your mommy naked?”
“Well, I saw those pictures and you’re a talented artist. That’s why I lock the door.” 

“Grandma, did you know I’m a Christian?”
“Yes, Mac I did, we’re all Christians.”
“I’m going to tell everyone I’m a Christian.”
“Mac, you don’t need to tell people, they’ll know by the way you behave.”
“Grandma, I think I’ll just tell people.” 

“Grandma, I told my Sunday school teacher, if I’m late to church I might be in jail?”
“Mac, where did you hear that?”
“On the radio, in my dad’s car.”
“Well, if you don’t see grandma, after I see your daddy, I might be in jail.” 

“Grandma, did you know I’m now a teenager?”
“Mac, you just turned five, that’s not a teenager. You won’t be a teenager until you’re thirteen.”
“No, your wrong grandma, I’m not five I’m fiveteen.” 

“Grandma, why do some women, not you grandma, look like skeletons?”
“Mac, are you saying I’m fat?”
“No, grandma you’re just right.” 

After playing around she started to sweat and have trouble breathing; 

Mac, settle down your sweating and you’re going to have an asthma attack.”
“Don’t worry grandma, it’s not asthma, I’m having a hot flash.”

Guest Entry #3

All of you Nancy fans, have no fear, I have on more than just underwear. What was Muriel thinking? My husband would go blind if I walked around the house in my underwear.

Ah, to be a newlywed again.

Well, the first night that my parents and my daughter were away I received a few phone calls from my mom. The first was to tell me that the hotel only had handicap accessible rooms available, making the shower even with the floor, and the curtain hung to the ground. From what I gather, the floor slopes a bit so the water doesn’t go to other parts of the bathroom. My mom now wants one of these for Grandma; she even said that she loved it for herself. Since that night, I have received a few calls from her just talking about the shower… how exciting!

The next call we received that first night, my husband answered, and my mom said she was relaxing in her housecoat and nightgown as she saw this flash of light. Now, when my husband is telling me this story, I’m thinking a fire and explosion, you know, some sort of emergency. Well, the only emergency was my daughter taking pictures with her digital camera. Now, my mom hates to have her picture taken, I could only imagine that she was not too thrilled to have it taken in her housecoat and nightgown. I’m thinking it probably played out like Britney Spears attacking the paparazzi. And, I know my daughter’s first instinct is to protect her camera and her pictures.

This is very funny to me, and I’ll tell you why later.

For now, let’s talk about my 4-year-old’s camera that her Uncle Paul and Auntie Muriel bought her for Christmas one year. It’s a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and it holds quite a few pictures, but we thought since we travel quite a bit, maybe we should buy her an SD card for vacation. Now? That baby holds approximately 1800 pictures, and that bit of info probably has my mom fully dressed going to bed. I called back to talk to Mackenzie and I told her that I would pay her $50.00 to bring that photo to Mommy. It’s always good to have bribery material just in case my mom decides to write about me on her blog J

So, about my daughter and cameras. One year, she was about 3 years old, and we were out of town staying with some friends. I tucked Mackenzie and my husband, Chris, into bed and went to take a shower. When I walked out of the bathroom, my husband was asleep and my daughter was awake, playing with my cell phone. Okay, at least she is being a good little girl, keeping herself occupied while Mommy showered. Skip to a few weeks later, and I’m going through pictures on my mobile with my brother, Paul. Oh no, wait a minute, what was that picture I just saw, as I yank my cell phone from my brother. Holy moly, no way, who took this… naked picture of ME!?

After studying the picture, I realized that while my daughter was being a good little girl that evening at our friend’s home, she was actually taking NAKED photos of me. After that incident, I no longer let Mackenzie hold, touch, or even look at my cell phone.

So with another 9 ½ days and 1700+ pictures to take, Mom and Dad enjoy your vacation, we should have warned you about the (littlest) paparazzi!


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