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I’m A Grandmother Again!

Dana, Chris and Mackenzie received a called on March 23rd about a precious little girl that was born was born in Nevada, on March 5th; she weighed 6lb 2ozs and was 18 inches long.

We all were on pins and needles waiting for the birthmother to make a decision on who would become her daughter’s adoptive parents. A decision was made a few weeks later and on April 9th, Riley Renee was placed in our daughter’s arms.

My granddaughter Mackenzie is such a wonderful big sister, Riley smiles and watches her every move.

This grandma would like to say thank you to two mothers who made the hardest decision to place their child up for adoption, a decision made out of unselfish love that affected so many people.

Please know our granddaughters are cherished and greatly loved.

Your act of love, not only completed my daughter’s family, it completed the lives of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends.

Please know that you are both loved and in my prayers, one day our paths will cross, and our family tree will become bigger connected by two little branches.

(Visit the link “My Daughter Dana” to see one of the first pictures of the happy family)


Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Me. (Part Two)

Here it goes, I woke up to my granddaughter on the phone singing happy birthday to me, she is so adorable her ending was happy birthday I love you, then she said I was the sweetest grandma, ever!

My husband smiled and gave me a big happy birthday, I got out of bed and went to take a shower, OMG the towels under the sink are wet. Paul checked it out the hose to the sink leaked so to it’s off to Home Depot. What a way for my day to start.

After my shower, I get a birthday card with a little note from my current boyfriend and lover, watch it, it’s my husband.

My uncle, brother and aunt called to wish me a special day. Al our pool man came around 10:00am and he wasn’t wearing a Speedo so that’s a birthday wish that didn’t come true.

Mom heard us talking and wished me a happy birthday, I was shocked because last year she said nothing, today however she wished she was able to go out shopping to get me something, I asked her if she really wanted to do something nice for me she can be on good behavior all day and not to give me any trouble, she didn’t answer just gave me a smile. I guess that’s another wish that’s not coming my way.

So far Dana’s day was uneventful; she’s not feeling the best and is trying to switch doctors.

Paul left to fix my car, so it’s just me, my mom, Pandora and Spider Solitaire. I thought about making something special for breakfast, too much trouble, Paul switched off the gas on the stove so my mom wouldn’t burn down the house so I guess laziness trumps birthday breakfast.

When I pick up Mackenzie today from school, we’ll make a short stop to buy sketching paper she planned on drawing a family portrait and placing it in a frame, I previously purchased three frames one that says Mommy& Me, another that says Family, then a collage frame that says Mom + Dad = Me, you guessed it she wanted to draw and give her all three.

After an hour and a half of watching Mac draw it was time for our birthday dinner, Grandma #1 (that’s what I call grandma Phyllis) was taking the entire family out to Northwood’s for those who have never heard of it it’s a really nice steak house and I couldn’t believe it as if dinner wasn’t enough she had a very nice gift for us to enjoy in Hawaii. Aloha! Grandma #1.

During dinner my two sons were talking about a recent injury I sustained, it was door knob verses arm and the door knob won. I have been nursing that darn cut for three days, it’s a little red and hurts I jokingly told them it was MRSA they didn’t laugh but started discussing whether I should get prosthesis or hook after my arm falls off. At the same time Dana chimed in that I needed to have it checked ASAP. I explained I have some antibiotics at home and I’ll take some tonight and tomorrow and if it doesn’t get better I’ll go urgent care.

Now that my day is coming to an end, I’m in my PJ’s, drinking some tea, my tank is full and I have a big smile. Most all of my wishes came true, my mom was on cruise control all day, I spent the evening with family, and had a wonderful dinner and maybe next year Al will be wearing that Speedo.

Dana seemed to be feeling better. She loves birthday gifts, Phyllis gave her a beautiful locket that opens like a four leaf clover and holds four pictures. She loved Mac’s portraits, and I think she liked the new games we got her. Chris and her had a game night with friends and got their butt kicked, apparently they’re not smarter than a fifth grader, so their going to bone up on the games.

It was a wonderful birthday. Should I tell you how old us girls are, I think not you’ll just have to figure it out yourself.

Locks Of Love, Lots Of Love. Six Degrees of Separation

Six degrees or as some call it the “Human Web” is an idea that everyone is six steps away from knowing everyone on the planet. For instance I know six people; they all know six people (36) now they know six people (216) and each one of them know six people (1296) get the picture. In this day and age, the internet connects you to people all around the world. Having said that I will venture out to say everyone is one degree of separation from knowing someone with cancer.

My granddaughter Mackenzie is six years old, her grandfather passed away from cancer before she was born, and her aunt and cousin have been affected by cancer, plus other distant relatives and friends. But now it’s one of her friends in her kindergarten class, Andrew, who has liver cancer. This has made it too real for all of us, any age, anyone, anytime.

For her it’s seeing someone who is unable to come to class, someone to weak to go to parties, someone who had a crazy Mohawk hairdo before he would lose his hair. Mac says the only thing we can do is to love her friend and pray. Everyone is willing to help in anyway they can, even a six year old.

Mac decided to cut her beautiful long hair, while this will not directly help her friend it will help some other child.

So today my daughter will mail Mac’s hair to Locks of Love (a non profit org) that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children (under the age of 21) in the US and Canada who have lost their hair due to any illness.

Mackenzie, grandma is very proud of you, we’ll keep praying for everyone affected by illness, and I’ll and keep thanking God for sending you to us, sometimes we all need to see how pure a child’s love is. Your hair will grow back, but the gift of providing another child some type of normalcy is a life lesson to us all.

Love Grandma

I wrote this entry on Saturday March twentieth, Andrew’s condition remains the same, however Jessie age fifteen a former student at Mackenzie’s school who was also battling cancer was called home to our Father’s arms on Monday March twenty-second. Both families are in our prayers.

What’s Up LA Times?

Okay its time to take on the big boys the “Los Angeles Times.” They recently had an article about children that are watched after school by their grandparents, are more likely to be heavier than children watched by their parents or other daycare providers.
Who in the hell are these people to make such a statement I would like to quote some of what was said but I was so angry I ate the paper.

Now I’m a typical grandparent who provides after school care for my (adorable) granddaughter. My day starts at 3:00 picking her up from school. Now I do feed Mackenzie after school because normally she doesn’t eat all her lunch, she is usually to busy talking or running around. I will admit to feeding her McDonalds, she likes the fish sandwich and apple slices or we go straight home where I make her soup, grilled cheese or she just snacks on fruit dried or fresh or veggies she loves veggies but to be totally honest I will get her an occasional slurpee.

Next we have homework, she so far has a list of about sixty reading words from school. Grandma has an additional list of eighty words she has learned, no slacker grandma here. Now depending on what day it is after homework, it’s either back into the car for cooking class (one day a week) Tae Kon Do (two times a week) T-ball (4 times a week) and dance (one day a week).

Now since she’s older (6 years old) and her parents work for a family business, and their boss whose name also starts with grandma looks the other way so daddy can manage the T-ball team and mommy and grandpa can coach while I maintain my status as locker room attendant and chauffer. Her daddy has been picking her up earlier to take her to Tae Kwon Do since there’s limited seating and it’s just to long of a class for me to stand.

Now on occasion when mom and dad have errands we play beauty shop, doctors, school or volley ball. On a typical week she averages maybe an hour of TV a week under grandma’s watch.

So LA Times you should retract your article because most grandparents now are in their fifties, were not sitting in rockers all day long, heck were probably more active than the person who sat behind the desk for eight hours who wrote the article.

Most grandparents have a vested interest to keep their grandchildren busy, active and out of trouble. I am offended to think that someone would say we sit our grandkids in front of the TV and stuff them all day long.

Maybe your next article should be about grandparents getting heavier since they are always sitting as spectators or chauffeuring their skinny grandkids to and fro.

Chuck E. Cheese and Valentines Day

On Valentines Day Mackenzie was invited to their neighbor’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, well since Dana and Chris were still in Florida grandpa and grandma were the designated party goers. I was actually looking forward to seeing Dana’s neighbors because they are what I call “good people”.

Since I’m still using a cane grandpa dropped me and Mac off by the door so I wouldn’t have to walk very far. Now I’ve taken Mac to Chuck E. Cheese before but it was during the school year when she was in preschool and on both occasions it was relatively empty just a few stay at home mom’s with preschoolers.

Well, I opened the door expecting very few people after all it was Valentines Day and the Chinese New Year. What a shock! There were thousands (ok maybe not thousands) of kids and their parents. I had to use the cane to make room to walk, by that time Paul caught up with us, and went ahead to find the party. Fifteen minutes later I sat down, we couldn’t find anyone, I tried to call Dana thinking I got the wrong day, then finally I saw where they were sitting.

They had reserved two large tables I sat at the end so all the young people could sit with their kids and visit, finally another grandma came, then an old neighbor who had older kids so they sat near me and I had a nice time visiting.

Unfortunately I felt bad for Paul, not only was the crowd overwhelming he had security duty watching Mac crawl through multi colored tubes high in the air, they had clear plastic windows every few feet so you could watch your little hamsters (oops I mean children) go back and forth. Now I know the tubes were hot because Mac came out totally wet from sweat. So I figure the plastic windows were for the paramedics to know where to break in and rescue the kids who collapse from heat exhaustion.

While sitting there they started to bring out pizzas, hot wings, salads and drinks, it was a little early for us to eat so we weren’t really hungry, but again the company was nice and I was enjoying myself. Finally I thought I would try a slice of pizza when I saw a huge, I mean huge rat come out of the kitchen I dropped the pizza, people started yelling and clapping, it was deafening Chuck E! Chuck E! The people behind me were screaming then I realized it was Mr. Cheese or Chuck E. as everyone was calling him.

When people are excited to see a six foot rat come out of a kitchen its time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and started out the door only to be stopped to see if were leaving with the same hamster we came in with.

Stepping off the curb I turned and saw the placard with an A rating for cleanliness. With that many hamsters and a giant rat, they must pay off the inspectors.

Addicted To “Pot”

My mom at eighty-four is addicted to “pot”, the coffee pot to be exact. My mom is addicted to what she calls “coffee water”. I have tried to make a deal with her, drink four bottles of water or equivalent (juice, milk, soups, etc.) and she can have a cup the next day, but no can do. Now, I realize you get fluids also in food, but she only eats one meal a day and its less food than a two year old would eat. 

If you’re new to reading my blog. My reasons of the no coffee rule; my dad passed away from complications of dehydration. My mom has had two hospital stays for the same reason dehydration in the last two years. Coffee is a diuretic, which means she would have to have more liquids to counter balance the effects.   

A few days, after Easter, I was on the computer in the kitchen dining area with my granddaughter. I had just done a catheter on my mom and told my husband we needed to push water today. A few minutes later, my mom came in and picked up the coffee pot, my husband saw her; 

“No, coffee today Eva”.
“What do you mean no coffee?”
“You needed more water today.”
“Well, who in the hell are you?” 

Then it happened, she threw the coffee pot into the sink, glass everywhere. My granddaughter got scared, I was shocked; my husband kept his cool and started cleaning up the glass. 

“Mom, what in the heck are you thinking?”
“Who, does he think; he is telling me no coffee?”
“Mom, I told him no coffee today, look in the mirror your eyes are sunken in, which isn’t a good sign, we don’t need another trip to the hospital.”
“I don’t care, I want coffee.”
“Mom, you scared Mackenzie.” (My granddaughter) 

She kept going on and on. Let me just say she was horrible. 

My daughter came to get Mac, but before leaving went into my mom’s room to talk to her. Ten minutes later my daughter came out crying. Yes, my mom has the ability to upset everyone. 

Since I watch Mac after preschool, my mom see’s her and either Dana or Chris daily when they pick her up. But, after what she said to everyone, I decided to go over to their house to babysit. 

“I haven’t seen the baby or Dana in two days.”
“Well, after what you said to them, I don’t know when they’ll be back”
“I was just kidding?”

“No, you weren’t, this time you not getting off that easy, you need to apologize.”

Nothing, until my daughter called and my mom answered. Finally, an apology. Later that day, I took Mac, over to see my mom.  

“Mac, where have you been?”
“Home, Nana.”
“Mom, don’t you think Mackenzie is in need of an apology?” 
“I’m sorry Mac.”
“Nana, you scared me, and hurt my feelings; I thought you didn’t want me at your house?” 

Tears, she has tears. 

Since then on a scale of one to ten, ten being horrible, she’s at a five. I can deal with a five.

Spring Break

Since I retired, I have been picking up my granddaughter from preschool. She stays with me a few hours until her mom and dad get home. We’ll play beauty shop, paint our nails outrageous colors, or just talk about silly stuff. Let’s face it, I’m at that special time in my life where I have more patience, more time, and realize how fast kids grow. 

Due to my granddaughter having problems with asthma, she stayed with me a few days prior to Spring break. Some of the things we talked about were; 

“Grandma, did you know that Santa has two lists, one if you good and one if your naughty?”
“Yes, I did know that.”
“What did you get from Santa, grandma?”
“Oh, my gosh Santa didn’t get me anything!”
“What did he get grandpa?”
“Yikes, he didn’t get anything either!”
“Grandma, you need to try harder.” 

“Grandma, why do you lock the bathroom door?”
“Well, remember the last time your little friend Morgan came over to visit with her mommy, and you showed them pictures you drew of your mommy naked?”
“Well, I saw those pictures and you’re a talented artist. That’s why I lock the door.” 

“Grandma, did you know I’m a Christian?”
“Yes, Mac I did, we’re all Christians.”
“I’m going to tell everyone I’m a Christian.”
“Mac, you don’t need to tell people, they’ll know by the way you behave.”
“Grandma, I think I’ll just tell people.” 

“Grandma, I told my Sunday school teacher, if I’m late to church I might be in jail?”
“Mac, where did you hear that?”
“On the radio, in my dad’s car.”
“Well, if you don’t see grandma, after I see your daddy, I might be in jail.” 

“Grandma, did you know I’m now a teenager?”
“Mac, you just turned five, that’s not a teenager. You won’t be a teenager until you’re thirteen.”
“No, your wrong grandma, I’m not five I’m fiveteen.” 

“Grandma, why do some women, not you grandma, look like skeletons?”
“Mac, are you saying I’m fat?”
“No, grandma you’re just right.” 

After playing around she started to sweat and have trouble breathing; 

Mac, settle down your sweating and you’re going to have an asthma attack.”
“Don’t worry grandma, it’s not asthma, I’m having a hot flash.”

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