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Dr. Oz Talks With Susanne Eman And Her Goal To Be The Fattest Woman In The World

Since taking care of my mother I’ve become somewhat of a shut in. I do crossword puzzles, go on the computer, watch TV anything to take up time.

When I watch TV during the day, I watch the various the judge shows, movies on Lifetime or Hallmark channel. I don’t like anything scary (living with mom is enough) once in a while I’m drawn to Dr. Oz. his show always has something that scares the hell out of me, whether it’s the Truth Tube, the germs in my purse, signs of diseases, he never fails to deliver.

Well, near the end of September I needed something to shake me up so Dr. Oz it was. His guest was Susanne Eman.

Susanne Eman, if I remember correctly weighs over 700lbs. her goal is to become the fattest woman in the world and her target weight is 1800 lbs. She walked out onto the stage without any assistance, no walker or cane. She was nice looking, cheery and agile.

She stated she had no health issues, her sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are all were within normal limits. She stated she walks at least three to four times a week and when she gets the chance, enjoys swimming.

Okay, I’m thinking this lady has got to be stuck on stupid. There’s no way I’m buying she’s in perfect health, I found myself yelling at Dr. Oz to push her big behind to the “The Truth Tube.”

She’s not married, has two kids, I’m thinking her food bill must be the same as for Home Town Buffet. In fact they said she could sit at a buffet for over six hours yikes! Where’s her income coming from.

Apparently there are sickos out there I’ll call them chubby chasers that pay to watch obese people eat over the internet. Apparently she has a growing group of followers, she said since she’s going to eat anyway she might as well get paid. Two of her fans, nice looking young to middle aged men were in the audience, they were of normal weight. I’m confused what does seeing a fat women eating doing for them?

According to Dr. Oz watching obese people eat is the second biggest fetish in the country behind pornography. Where in the hell have I been?

Susanne went on to say she models clothes for larger women. Okay being plus size I applaud retailers who use plus size women as models as this allows us to see how clothes look since, one size does not necessarily fit all. But come on, how many women out there buying clothes are 700lbs. It would be like putting a car cover for a Smart car on a Hummer, let’s get real.

Dr. Oz showed some of her modeling tapes she appeared to be wearing a nightgown; she sat on a couch and swings her legs under her body, she moved as if she was size six. However, once she stopped moving and posed, her legs and arms were still jiggling. For a brief moment I thought I was watching an advertisement for Jell-O.

Her deal is she wants to teach people not to judge a book by its cover. When you see a fat person out in the street don’t assume their lazy and not contributing to society. Well, I for one don’t think people judge the contents of a book by its cover; however I do feel people will not pick up the book if the cover is big.

I don’t think eating until you’re the largest woman in the world is contributing to society. There has been many large people who have contributed to society; Santa Claus, Pavarotti, Oprah, Winston Churchill and Alfred Hitchcock they all contributed in their own way, they didn’t have to eat their way into the Guinness book of World Records and they didn’t have to diet to fit in.

In the end, her doctor said she’s playing Russian roulette with her life, but that she showed no problems yet. However, Dr. Oz put her numbers into the Truth Tube and told her she was a ticking time bomb.

Well this program scared me for a couple of reasons, for this young girl who is eating herself to death, for her kids who will lose their mother and for all us big girls because we don’t know who’s watching us.

But, on the plus side I did learn how to make extra cash for Christmas. As soon as my brownies have cooled and my roast is done, I’m getting into my nightgown and putting on the web cam.


Dr Oz, Again

I’ve written two entries about Dr. Oz, “Living Longer” in April 2009, and “The Hour by Hour Commitment” back in August of 2008, If you remember both times he’s scared the hell out of me. Since then it’s been no more Dr. Oz.  

Well, now he has his own show, I wasn’t going to watch it, but it’s like when you pass a train wreck, no matter how hard you try not to look you still do. So I checked it out on the internet, it says Dr. Oz kicks off a daily show that’s all about YOU. Shit he’s after me again. 

The first episode he follows a viewer who frequents fast food three times a day, six days a week. He puts her in the truth tube which lists her weight, blood pressure, LDL level and her chronological age compared to her real age (which is what her body thinks it is). In her case she was twenty-nine, her body was thirty-five. Yikes. My LDL level and blood pressure are better than hers, but my weight and BMI are worse. My age is is fifty-six but I’ll assume my real body age is somewhere around ninety-three, I knew I shouldn’t have watched this damn show.  

He also talked about good sex, he had a man and woman from the audience place circles (I guess to represent bull’s eye’s) on cutouts of the opposite sex, where they thought the other sex’s erogenous zones were. By using the circles on the cutouts you and your partner can talk about what each other needs. Oh, brother, just open your mouth and tell your spouse what you need, if you can’t be direct make a game out of it, your getting warmer, now your getting cold, warm, cold get the idea?  

Something else I learned, was the erogenous zones on a man, they were; the brain, lips, perineum, and down south. For the woman it’s the brain, feet, belly button and G-spot. For me it’s; MacDonald’s, In & Out or Burger King, a good dessert and a Netflix movie. 

Another thing they talked about was purses. He picked three women from the audience and analyzed their purses for germs. Gross, they found germs and fungus that can cause asthma, meningitis, even fecal contaminates. Starting today, no more purses, I’m using a fresh plastic grocery bag every day to carry my wallet, keys and makeup. Everything from now on will be disposable. 

Oh my husband just called he’ll be home early, if I have money (I’ll check my plastic bag) we’ll get take out for dinner, I didn’t tell him the mailman just delivered a new Netflix movie, so I guess someone’s getting lucky later.

Living Longer

Well Dr. Oz is up to it again this time on Oprah. Remember the last time I wrote about him was August 2008 the entry was titled “Hour by Hour Commitment”. 

This time he’s telling people how to live to be one hundred and twenty plus. What kind of crap is that? Look around, who in their right mind (besides my husband) wants’ to live that long? I’m barely making it with my mom now and, let’s see, he wants to add on another twenty-five years. What in the heck did I ever do to him? 

Now if my kids thought there was a chance in hell I would live that long taking Dr. Oz’s advice they would run for the hills. I’ve told them, when I’m in my eighties, if I act out of control, just shoot me. Put the gun in my hands and call it a day. (Hmm I wonder if that’s why Chris keeps asking how old I am). 

Now Dr. Oz showed a couple who are well on their way to one hundred plus. They looked great. Their diet is compromise of 1,900 calories a day! They eat a controlled amount of nuts, berries, greens and fish. They showed them with a birthday cake (made with no flour or sugar that sounded yummy). They hiked and exercised and seemed very happy. 

So I started to think about it; 

If I cut out most of our meats, dairy products, snacks and measured our food intake. Our friends would stop inviting us over. It’s hard enough cooking for company let alone the odd couple that’s trying to out live you.

If we went out on a walk or if we hiked in the wilderness something could happen to us that could prevent us from watching CSI, Amazing Race, Idol, Dancing with the Stars etc. 

Now for the questions; 

Do I really want to outlive the majority of our family and friends?
Do we really want to work until age ninety to one hundred before retiring?
Would we have enough money to live that long?
Can Kaiser fix everything wrong with me now so I can less aches and pains over the next sixty years? 

My decision is this; I’ll take my chance with Cheetios, red meat, and sugars. I will be careful when I put my chair in a reclining position when I watch my shows. I will do my walking down the aisles of Ralphs and Vons. I will order some of my dinners talking into the Clown’s head. 

I will be contented knowing that I lived long enough to know my children and grandchildren will be okay. I will enjoy life and take up the time and space I was intended to take.

The Hour by Hour Commitment

Oh my gosh, did anyone see “Defeating Obesity” on Discovery Health with Oprah’s friend, Dr. Oz? It scared the hell out of me. I was so frightened, I deleted it from TiVo.

Now, I’m probably going to get this wrong, because I had one eye closed when I watched it. Don’t ask me why, it just seemed safer at the time to have one eye closed. He said the inches around your waist should be half of your height. Sh-t! I should be 9ft tall! (Come on do the math. I dare you.)

I was so depressed; I couldn’t enjoy my ice cream.

The show followed four people he was helping. He scared the crap out of them too. They all tried to change their lifestyles – eating correctly and exercising, one even had gastric bypass. Each one of them hit a plateau and lost motivation. Dr. Oz then re-entered their lives to give them a jump start. This show proved more real than most reality television, as it showed that I’m some are not willing to commit 100% even when we are faced with the truth.

I’m not going to lie and commit 100% in changing my lifestyle because it won’t happen. I eat when I’m under stress and living 24/7 with my mom means my plate is always full.

I also realize it’s not how much I eat or what I eat, it’s that I need to exercise. But, I will not exercise where my mother will see me. That would be like putting a target on my head; her comments now are enough to make me eat the left side of the Outback menu.

Here’s what I will commit to: cutting down and get moving.

I will be going on vacation in four days for two weeks. Without Mom. We’ll be taking our granddaughter along so I should get more exercise. If this change is for real, or if I am unable to commit, you will know.

I am not going to take this lifestyle change day by day, I will take it hour by hour.

Mom is awake.
“Good morning, Mom.”
“Good morning, Mom, I know you hear me.”
Silence. Then she speaks, “another day, another week, I don’t know why I’m here.”
“Mom, please don’t start.”
“I want something sweet.”

I’m hungry already.

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