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I’m A Grandmother Again!

Dana, Chris and Mackenzie received a called on March 23rd about a precious little girl that was born was born in Nevada, on March 5th; she weighed 6lb 2ozs and was 18 inches long.

We all were on pins and needles waiting for the birthmother to make a decision on who would become her daughter’s adoptive parents. A decision was made a few weeks later and on April 9th, Riley Renee was placed in our daughter’s arms.

My granddaughter Mackenzie is such a wonderful big sister, Riley smiles and watches her every move.

This grandma would like to say thank you to two mothers who made the hardest decision to place their child up for adoption, a decision made out of unselfish love that affected so many people.

Please know our granddaughters are cherished and greatly loved.

Your act of love, not only completed my daughter’s family, it completed the lives of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends.

Please know that you are both loved and in my prayers, one day our paths will cross, and our family tree will become bigger connected by two little branches.

(Visit the link “My Daughter Dana” to see one of the first pictures of the happy family)


The Luckiest

It’s been almost two months since my last entry; it’s been the best and worst time. This entry will be about the best my next entry will be about the Mad Hatters ride or as I call it living with mom.

The best is that we celebrated our fortieth anniversary on August 28th. Our good friends, Roy and Norma said when we married we tied the knot tight, yes we did plus we made a double knot for added strength.

Since our daughter was going to be gone for her 15th anniversary which is also this year we started celebrating last year with a family trip to Hawaii. It was wonderful.

Paul and I went back a few months ago by ourselves for a second honeymoon. He treated me like I was a new bride, everything was perfect.

Three months ago my daughter slipped on a wet floor in a major department store since then she has been unable to work let alone travel. So since they would be home for our actual anniversary our son came up with the idea of a local family trip so both my kids surprised us with a four day mini trip to Big Bear.

It was so much fun! Big Bear Mountain Brewery, Peppercorn grill and local deli’s, nights of scrabble, movies and just having fun.

The actual day was wonderful we had so much fun. After a special dinner we came home for cake and to enjoy a movie night. Our son put in a DVD and what a surprise he had put together a DVD about our forty plus years.

I was really surprised because I had moved all our pictures to a second residence in Temple City both kids had no idea where they were. He did a great job finding pictures here and there. The last picture in Big Bear is from last year, he said the pictures weren’t the problem the music was, it took him four days to make the right selection. He started out with “I Can’t Take My Mind Off Of You” by Damien Rice then “The Lucky Ones.” By Tim Myers and finished with “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.

Now about the note at the end it was from Paul when we were dating, however, the last part was done as a joke by our son. While dating I really wanted to see a particular movie, I can’t even remember what movie it was. Paul couldn’t afford to take me so I went out on a date with someone else and when I was leaving on the date Paul pulled up and caught me. The best he could come up with was that he wanted his records back. Over the years when ever something came up I would always asked him if he wanted his records back and you guessed it I still have them.

This year has been a great year for our family. I know we all think our kids are the best I know that’s how Paul and I feel, we’ve questioned ourselves over the years and all I can say is damn we did a good job. Our kids have always known the importance of family and we have always been there for each other. Just knowing how much thought went into this gift, keeping it a secret and choosing the right songs means a lot to us and like the song says, I’m am the luckiest!

I linked the video and hope you enjoy it. Please make a mental note of how thin I was.

Tattooed Mommy

I had many assumptions about the type of people that get tattoos. It’s probably just me and my age, but to me people that get more than one or large tattoos are usually bikers, gangsters (yes gangsters) bad boys, or people who are just rebellious. I sweated out my kids teen years no tats (pretty hip, huh) no piercings, now they’re in their mid to late thirties and I can (hopefully) breathe a sigh of relief. 

Well I pretty much know all my kids friends, all are middle to upper class with young families, all appear to be clean as a whistle. 

Well my daughters friend Nik is a doll, a perfect mom and wife, every time I have seen or visited with her she is just as sweet as can be, her kids are very respectful and well mannered and her husband is also a good guy in my book. I’m glad that the two families are friends. 

Well, Dana had previously met Nik’s cousin Bufi, and has been talking about how she gets along with her just like Nik, I’m happy to see Dana’s circle of friends getting bigger. 

The three families had planned to get together on the fourth for swimming, barbeque and fireworks, since my mom’s pool is bigger, that’s were they would swim and barbeque, then go to our house for fireworks. 

Dana wasn’t able to do much as she was still recuperating from a slip and fall at Target the week before. But it appeared that Nik had every thing under control. I let Dana know I wouldn’t be home until later but dad would be there to help, just have fun and enjoy themselves. That’s when Dana said; 

“I just wanted to let you know that Bufi and her husband have tattoos, a piercing and their son has a Mohawk.”
“Mom get over your ideas about tattoos Bufi is just as nice as her cousin Nik and you really like Nik.”  

This is true, but the whole time I was at my aunt’s I was thinking how not to look shocked at the tattoos, piercing or the Mohawk. 

When I pulled up at the house I saw Dana’s SUV, Nik’s minivan and another really nice SUV, but it can’t be Bufi’s after all someone with tats and piercings wouldn’t be caught dead in a family looking vehicle, wouldn’t they want to maintain their rebellious look over to their vehicle? Something in black, dark tinted windows, fancy wheels, maybe a shocking decal, nothing just a really nice (expensive) SUV with fancy wheels. 

So I’m prepared to meet Bufi, her husband and their son with a Mohawk. I took a deep breath and went outside. I see Nik, Jeff their kids and another nice looking couple. Well I guess Nik’s cousin didn’t come over after all, until I got closer. 

Dave, Bufi’s husband was a nice looking man, I’m sure he had tattoos but I didn’t see any at first and I didn’t want to scan him like an x-ray machine gone mad, so I turned to Bufi and I must say I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, she had one arm tattooed with what appeared to be flowers and the other arm had what appeared to be a ring of X’s and hearts, she also had a small nose ring. I guess I expected something gaudy and shocking but in the grand scheme of things it was tastefully done. 

I talked for a few minutes, told them what I had expected and laughed because I looked tougher then they did, and as far as their son’s Mohawk you could hardly tell. My husband and I spent the rest of the day going in and out for a few minutes at a time, and decided they were OK in our books. 

I will say this Fourth of July my daughter taught me a lesson “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, you need to take a deeper, closer look because the value of someone is not always obvious from what we see on the surface so we must save our judgment until hell freezes over, just kidding until we get to know them. 

Nik and Jeff, Paul and I had fun visiting with you and the kids, come over anytime for a swim, and yes bring your CRAZY, FUN cousin Bufi and her family with you. 

And guess what, my circle of friends just got bigger.

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Me. (Part Two)

Here it goes, I woke up to my granddaughter on the phone singing happy birthday to me, she is so adorable her ending was happy birthday I love you, then she said I was the sweetest grandma, ever!

My husband smiled and gave me a big happy birthday, I got out of bed and went to take a shower, OMG the towels under the sink are wet. Paul checked it out the hose to the sink leaked so to it’s off to Home Depot. What a way for my day to start.

After my shower, I get a birthday card with a little note from my current boyfriend and lover, watch it, it’s my husband.

My uncle, brother and aunt called to wish me a special day. Al our pool man came around 10:00am and he wasn’t wearing a Speedo so that’s a birthday wish that didn’t come true.

Mom heard us talking and wished me a happy birthday, I was shocked because last year she said nothing, today however she wished she was able to go out shopping to get me something, I asked her if she really wanted to do something nice for me she can be on good behavior all day and not to give me any trouble, she didn’t answer just gave me a smile. I guess that’s another wish that’s not coming my way.

So far Dana’s day was uneventful; she’s not feeling the best and is trying to switch doctors.

Paul left to fix my car, so it’s just me, my mom, Pandora and Spider Solitaire. I thought about making something special for breakfast, too much trouble, Paul switched off the gas on the stove so my mom wouldn’t burn down the house so I guess laziness trumps birthday breakfast.

When I pick up Mackenzie today from school, we’ll make a short stop to buy sketching paper she planned on drawing a family portrait and placing it in a frame, I previously purchased three frames one that says Mommy& Me, another that says Family, then a collage frame that says Mom + Dad = Me, you guessed it she wanted to draw and give her all three.

After an hour and a half of watching Mac draw it was time for our birthday dinner, Grandma #1 (that’s what I call grandma Phyllis) was taking the entire family out to Northwood’s for those who have never heard of it it’s a really nice steak house and I couldn’t believe it as if dinner wasn’t enough she had a very nice gift for us to enjoy in Hawaii. Aloha! Grandma #1.

During dinner my two sons were talking about a recent injury I sustained, it was door knob verses arm and the door knob won. I have been nursing that darn cut for three days, it’s a little red and hurts I jokingly told them it was MRSA they didn’t laugh but started discussing whether I should get prosthesis or hook after my arm falls off. At the same time Dana chimed in that I needed to have it checked ASAP. I explained I have some antibiotics at home and I’ll take some tonight and tomorrow and if it doesn’t get better I’ll go urgent care.

Now that my day is coming to an end, I’m in my PJ’s, drinking some tea, my tank is full and I have a big smile. Most all of my wishes came true, my mom was on cruise control all day, I spent the evening with family, and had a wonderful dinner and maybe next year Al will be wearing that Speedo.

Dana seemed to be feeling better. She loves birthday gifts, Phyllis gave her a beautiful locket that opens like a four leaf clover and holds four pictures. She loved Mac’s portraits, and I think she liked the new games we got her. Chris and her had a game night with friends and got their butt kicked, apparently they’re not smarter than a fifth grader, so their going to bone up on the games.

It was a wonderful birthday. Should I tell you how old us girls are, I think not you’ll just have to figure it out yourself.

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday Dana!! Yesterday March 24th, was my daughter’s birthday and today March 25th is my birthday.

It’s not important to know how old you are, but if really want to know you’ll have to figure it out.

If Dana and I lived on Mars she would be 20 years old or 13,849 days old, I would be 30 years old or 20,239 days old.

On Venus Dana would be 63 years old or 58 days old and I would be 92 years old or 85 days old.

On Jupiter Dana would be 3 years old or 34,373 day old and I would be 4 years old or 50,231 days old.

Had enough, not quite on Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune we would both be less than a year old and anywhere from 2,224 to 47,457 days old.

The moon is the same as on earth, and on these two planets were both still to young for the senior special, but old enough to dye our hair.

Since Dana was ill on her B-Day we will celebrate today, so I may do an update later today on how eventful or uneventful our day was.

Yam, Yams And More Yams

What has two legs, two arms, lives on land and looks like a puffer fish? Give up, it’s my son Paul. 

A few months ago at age thirty-three, my son decided to develop an allergy. It started with hives, then swelling of the lips, and now it’s causing problems with his throat. He has been tested and two of the culprits are tomatoes and bell peppers. He now has to carry an EpiPen. 

My son eats to live. Food has never been a big deal to him. Ninety nine percent of the time, when we go out he’ll eat salads, the only difference for him now, is his salad will be minus tomatoes and bell peppers. At home, he eats chicken, and fish, he can adjust to anything, its no big deal after all its only food. 

The rest of us, live to eat. Were Italian and Mexican, we wouldn’t be able to live without tomatoes and bell peppers. No spaghetti, lasagna, mostaccioli no spanish rice, fajitas, no barbeque sauce? Just kill me now. 

The other day we had a barbeque, I knew we couldn’t use barbeque sauce so I decided on hamburgers and Hebrew National hot dogs. I made potato salad, pasta salad one with, and one without tomatoes, baked beans (oops with ketchup) and corn on the cob. Dana made the best bean dip and chocolate cake. Muriel, hikes on Sunday’s so I really wasn’t expecting her to bring anything. But, I was surprised to learn my son Paul cooked. 

Now, before I start telling you about what my son made, let me say something about Muriel, she makes the best yams. It’s a secret recipe, so don’t ask, whenever she makes them she gets raves, so I guess my son decided to try his hand with yams, three different dishes with yams. 

Now, I’ve never been to a barbeque where they serve yams, but I’m up for anything. First there was yam fries, yes yam fries, I couldn’t believe it either, and they were good but on the sweet side. 

Then came the yam and apple cobbler. This dish was pushing it; I’m not a yam person, so I didn’t try this one. Everyone else did, it must have tasted good because half the plate was gone. 

Now, the last dish was yam brownies, really yam brownies, I just don’t understand what he was thinking. He made a cake from scratch and added grated yams. They looked like cake brownies, but golden brown, they smelled sweet, but no chocolate. Everyone, except me tried the brownies and went nuts. Even Dana, who like me, doesn’t try new things, said they were great. They smelled delicious, but I knew they were imposters. 

Later, that night Dana said she might ask him to make a plate of brownies for Mac’s teachers. Well, if they were that good, I’ll try them. I must say he gets an Atta boy, they were indeed good. The only way they could have been better would have been to add chocolate and powdered sugar and omit the yams. Just kidding, Paul you did a good job.

I just want to close saying, yams are for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners. Brownies on the other hand are good three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Leapin’ Lizard

Yesterday, I got a call on my cell phone from my daughter Dana. It was the type of call every parent dreads getting. I could hardly understand a word she was saying. She was unintelligible, crying, and screaming. Finally I was able to calm her enough to understand her; 

“Mom, is Chris with you?”
“No, I left him at Mac’s cooking class; he’ll be there another fifteen minutes.”
“I need help!”
“Dana, where are you, and are you ok?”
“I’m at the office, and no I’m not ok, I need Chris.”
“Dana, calm down, are you hurt?”
“No, there’s a (unintelligible) in the office.”
“Calm down, what’s in the office?”
“A lizard.”
“Dana, is this call about a little lizard in the office?”
“It’s huge, maybe it’s a mouse?”
“Dana, a mouse and a lizard are two different types of animals, think, what was it?”

“A lizard.”
“Dana, just lock up the office and go home. The poor little thing is more afraid of you then, you are of it.”
“No mom, Chris is going to find it today, or I’m not coming back into the office ever!” 

Now, for my new readers, Dana is thirty-eight going on six. She is a smart woman, except in moments of crisis or lizards. Needless to say, I kept driving home. I also have my own issues with lizards. 

An hour later, I called to check on the lizard status. Dana said Chris was in her office with the door closed; only one was expected to come out alive. Knowing my daughter, her husband will not be able to stop, go home or eat dinner until he finds the damn thing. 

Not to long after, Dana called, she’s so in love with her husband, he can have anything he wants for dinner, he can have a beer, he can have just about anything, because he’s her hero. He found the lizard behind the built in file cabinet. Did I say built in cabinet? Not anymore. But that’s ok, at least Dana is happy.

Where’s the lizard, Chris let it go outside. Let’s just pray, for its own sake it doesn’t come back in.

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