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Landeros Resolution

Well it took two months to finally reach a final resolution with Landeros. My aunt would be getting back her money in its original form (credit card) not store credit. She would have to pay the delivery fee and a restocking fee of 10%. I also had to agree to “update ALL forums on the satisfactory agreement.”

So here it is, the final resolution was fair and agreeable by both parties.

However, while the final resolution was fair, getting there was hell. Had Landeros acted more promptly and professionally, they might have kept a customer and obtained a better rating.

Hopefully, this be a lesson learned, your customer service can make or break a business. If you want your business to do well, striving for a fair or satisfactory rating is no longer good enough. The best type of advertising is free and it comes from your customers the type of advertising you receive is controlled by you and your customer service.


Landeros Furniture Beaumont CA

On September 11th, my 82 year old aunt went to Landeros Furniture Superstore located on 1482 E. Second St. Beaumont Ca. with her was her health care worker. They explained to the salesman that my aunt was interested in wicker furniture, it had to be sturdy with firm cushions, due to the fact she in the past has had back surgery. There was nothing in the store so he showed her furniture in catalogs. My aunt did see a set consisting of a loveseat, rocker, chair, ottoman and end table, she was assured by the salesman that the furniture was sturdy and the cushions firm and it was a good choice.

The sale was written up and paid for a of total $1,762.81. Fast forward to the delivery on Oct 2nd. At the time of delivery my aunt’s 72 year old neighbor was present. The delivery was chaotic while the delivery men were trying to remove her existing sofa through the kitchen service porch area the sofa got stuck in the doorway. Fearing that they might cause damage to her doorway, walls or washer/dryer she along with her neighbor kept an eye on them following them into the garage. The loveseat was taken out the front door which is wider with no problem, once the loveseat was in the garage they started bringing in the new furniture. While the new furniture was being brought in one of the men asked her to sign a confirmation of delivery, she was so confused she can’t even remember if she signed it. No reciept was left.

Once my aunt and her neighbor went into the living room, they were in utter shock. The furniture appears to be several years old, pre-owned or left outside for sometime, its damaged, dirty and completely unstable, in no way is the furniture new.

My aunt called me immediately regarding the condition of the furniture, since I live 77 miles away and I take care of my elderly mother, the soonest I could get there was on the 4th two days later.

OMG, this furniture is definitely not new. I immediately called Landeros, and spoke with the receptionist it was Sunday and apparently their customer service isn’t open in on weekends. I explained the situation and was basically told it was a special order and there was nothing they could do, I had to wait for customer service. I did take the time to explain that I blog and give feedback good or bad. The outcome of my review would be up to them, the time it takes to rectify the situation.

That Monday I spoke with the customer service, I explained the situation again the response was it was a special order; maybe I could take pictures and bring them to the store. I really don’t carry my camera with me, all I had was my camera phone I took pictures but decided the ones that were taken were not the quality nor could I email them so I explained they are less than ½ mile away, they needed to send customer service to her. I also explained my aunt fell while trying to sit on the rocker because it’s not stable enough when she started to sit down, I again told her I will be reviewing this on my blog, yelp, my, etc. Finally, customer service agreed to send someone to my aunt’s home and take pictures.

On the 6th, the care giver almost fell getting out of the chair she said this is not the quality that the salesman said it was and it is a clear misrepresentation from the representative of the store.

So, I called to see the status and the customer service representative wasn’t due in so I asked to speak with someone else, because now I want all our money back, we clearly don’t want this furniture, its dirty, broken, chipped, weather beaten or used. I explained, previously I told customer service that we would pay for the cushions since they were made in the fabric my aunt chose but now I want all the money back, due to the quality and misrepresentation. The manager came on the line and did not identify herself by name, (and who I later found out was the co-owner) her response was that it was up to the manufacturer as to what would be done and I needed to wait to give them a chance to fix the situation. I tried to explain not only is it regarding the condition but the fact that there was misrepresentation of what was purchased by The Landeros employee. She also pointed out that since I was not there, I don’t know what was said, well she’s right but the caregiver was present during the entire transaction and along with my aunt explained my aunts bad back and type of furniture needed. What was the response from Landeros management “were not doctors.” I guess you can afford to be funny when your not out $1,762.81 and have no where to sit.

Apparently Landeros and their management has the mind set that this is between the manufacturer and my aunt. Wrong, my aunt didn’t buy from the manufacturer she bought from Landeros. The manufacturer didn’t tell her it was sturdy and firm, Landeros did. My aunt didn’t give her money to the manufacturer, she gave it to Landeros.

Well the manager said she would hear from the manufacturer that day, I said well you have my number, I look forward to hearing from you. She in turn said no you can call me back, let me give you my number. Well let’s just say customer service at Landeros is off to a good start.

The results from Landeros was the manufacturer will paint the scratches, will do nothing regarding the numerous chips and where we pointed out missing screws, we were told that we just can’t see them. Now who in thier right mind would agree to pay $1,762.81 for furniture that is so damaged and agree that a coat of paint is acceptable? Even if they were to offer replacement furniture how would we know if any replacement furniture is not just covered up junk?

At first we were willing to pay for the cushions since my aunt ordered the fabric, I am no longer willing to do so. My reasoning is that the furniture is certainly not what the salesperson represented it to be and to top it off the tags on the seat cushions say 2008 and with felt pen someone altered the 08 to 11. The furniture is flimsy, the cushions are not firm and the set is not sturdy or as well constructed as the Landeros saleman assured us. I have attached pictures so you yourself could see this is not new furniture.

As far as their no refund policy, I feel my aunt held up her end of the contract she paid for “new” and “well constructed furniture” what Landeros did was give her “damaged” and “poorly constructed” junk that she probably couldn’t sell at a yard sale. Since they didn’t live up to their end of the contract by giving her what she paid for that should make the no refund policy null and void.

Enjoy the pictures as to the quality from Landeros Furniture Superstore. I will update as this drama progresses and do a complete review on various sites so others can choose where to spend their money. My question is, is there really Customer Service or lack of Customer Service at Landeros Furniture Superstore?

I will post more pictures with my follow ups. Be sure to click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

Big And Rich And I’m Not Talking About The Singing Group

I’M RICH, I’M RICH as soon as someone pays me what I’m worth.

I’ve taken care of my parents for at least twenty years. When my dad was alive it was a piece of cake but when he passed three years ago my life drastically changed. I retired at age fifty-three without an income until I reach fifty-nine, my husband retired six years ago at age fifty-three so were now living on his pension until I get my pension and our Social Security.

I knew from the get go my life as I knew it would change. I do not have the freedom to pick up and go until I secure a babysitter. I knew most of our combined income with my mother would go to depends, nutritional drinks and bed pads. I knew I would have to live in a house with the thermostat set at ninety degrees. I knew I could no longer brush my teeth in the dark to make sure I grabbed the toothpaste and not the Ben Gay. What I didn’t know was how difficult my mom was, or how much I would miss the freedom of the ability to get up and go with my husband. But after all she is my mom I have to do this.

Well, for the last eighteen months I’ve been traveling the one hundred and sixty miles twice a week to check on and visit my aunt. She also has a good neighbor that she pays to assist when I’m not available, but sometimes it’s not enough so a decision was made to hire a home health caregiver for four hours a day, three times a week.

Hello, I’m big and rich.

I called three agencies and we picked the mid priced one. For three times a week not including mileage it should run around $935.28 a month or $11,223.36 a year, yikes!

So what did I do I started calculating for seven days a week for four hours it would be $2,232.00 a month or $26,784.00 a year, double yikes.

Did I stop? Heck no.

Six hours a day for seven days was $3,637.20 a month or $43,643.40 a year. (I’ll refrain from using any more yikes.)

Eight hours a day for seven days was $4,364.64 or $52,375.68 a year.

So I jumped to twenty-four hours, seven days a week (which is a reduced flat rate.) If you’re standing, sit down before you read any further.

The price was from $5,425.00 to $6,200.00 a month or $100,380.00 to $109,680.00 per year. Ok just one big YIKES!

So when my mom sat down for soup I let her know she owes me $301,140.00 for the last three years. Her reply “the checks in the mail.”

One Person, Two Birthday’s, Three Names


During the forty years together my uncle took care of everything for my aunt. He ensured their Trust Fund was in order. Their home was paid for. Money was in the bank, even their final arrangements were made and paid for. Everything was taken care of. Now it was to be expected that my aunt would be distraught and things would be forgotten. After all, she just lost her husband, her best friend, her life as she knows it was changing. 

Our main problem was when we went to the bank. At Bank of America you now have to swipe your ATM card in order for the teller to ID you. Well my aunt couldn’t remember her pin and that’s when our problem started. 

In order to reset her pin she needed a valid ID. All she had  was an expired state of Nevada ID card. Since it was expired it was of no value. They then asked for an authorized certified copy of her birth certificate. No can do. 

Since she had a California ID ten years prior. We went to the DMV. Thirty minutes later we were called. They could fined her name in the system but couldn’t renew it because  the birth date was different and it showed the person had a middle initial. My aunt doesn’t have a middle name. So we were instructed to reapply for a new ID and for that we needed an authorized certified birth certificate.  

Well, easy enough we can go to Norwalk Registrar’s office which is about an hour and an half away sign a sworn statement to who she is and wait the three week turnaround or order by mail. 

Since only a few people can obtain an authorized copy of a birth certificate and my aunt had no ID we decided to order by mail. The turnaround is twenty working days. 

We first had to have a notary come out and notarize the request form that it was indeed the registrant ordering the birth certificate. Easy enough, we dropped it in the mail. 

Well, twenty working days was actually a month when you added in weekends and holidays. Everyday my aunt (who is not very patient) would call to tell me she still hasn’t received it. It was a long, long month. 

At last, it arrived. The first thing I noticed was the last name. It appeared to look like the last letter in our family name was an a instead of an i. No biggie, it was my maiden name I can talk around the spelling and since the certificate is hand written an easy mistake. 

I made an appointment for Wednesday at 10:05. My aunt said it was a little too early but she’ll get up. When I mentioned it to Dana she reminded me of Grandparents Day at the preschool so I rescheduled the appointment for Thursday at 11:00. I called my aunt and told her of the change. Now remember, I take care of my mom and my aunt lives an hour and a half away. I leave early enough to arrive thirty minutes early. 

My aunt lives in a 55+ Del Web gated community. When I arrive the guard is not in his office and I’m behind a work truck. While I’m looking ahead at the guard station I see my aunt, walker and all walking fast like a bat out hell. I roll down my window and yell her name to get her attention; she stops and looks up then keeps walking. I yell again she stops and looks up then keeps walking. I figure my voice must sound like an angel why else would she be looking up instead of around to see who’s calling her. 

I back up, give a u-turn and pick her up. She didn’t think I would make it in time so she was going to take the bus. My aunt has not taken a bus since she was a little girl. I wonder if I had not caught her in time, would it have been a hijack situation to the DMV. 

Off we go. We get there in time. I hand the clerk the completed form, and my aunt’s birth certificate. She noticed the error in the last letter of our last name but since it was hand written she didn’t pursue it. What I did not notice was her first name on the certificate it was listed as Marguarita instead of Margaret. Now that I couldn’t talk off. So the clerk said her ID would be as Margaurita . She explained my aunt would have to go to Norwalk and change her name legally. She then informed us her California ID would be in her maiden name. No can do, its bad enough her first name would be different but we needed her married name for the bank. 

We needed her marriage certificate. Off we go. We returned thirty minutes later. Completed form, birth and marriage certificate. The clerk notices a middle initial of R on the marriage certificate another problem, my aunt has no middle name. The clerk knew it was our 3rd visit and said she would enter the name on the birth certificate Marguarita, then do an aka to Margaret, then do an aka to her married name and forget the middle initial. One person three names. 

While entering the aka’s the clerk noticed someone with the same name, different birth date. I told her that we were told that earlier but the clerk let it go. Ok this clerk tells us the person in the system has the name Margaret (not Marguarita) same last name as my aunts married name. The birth date is the same day and month but 1930 instead of 1928. 

The clerk then asks my aunt where she has lived. My aunt gives her the complete addresses for California, Arizona and Nevada. Enough info for her to conclude it was my aunt in her system, so she just renewed what was in the computer. No aka’s, no birth or marriage certificate needed. 

Sixty days for her ID not including weekends and holidays. I am sure it will be sixty long, long days. 

So there you have it one person, three names and two birthdays. 

One exhausted niece.

Press Talk and Say Hello

Today, I’ll be talking about my aunt. She reminds me of my dad. Their expressions and things they say and do make everyone around them laugh.

Well, my aunt keeps getting hang up calls. We’ve all had these types of calls and know how aggravating they can be. Our solution was Caller ID. Simple you say, please read on. 

My husband and I went to Fry’s and picked up a phone system with all the bells and whistles. The next day, we drove to her home approximately 80 miles away and installed them. I know when you’re older, it’s hard to get used to new gadgets, and since she is eighty, we thought it would be easier for her (and us) if we took our time programming the phone with different functions over the next few weeks. Fine. What we did was show her how to pick up messages on the answering machine, the address book, and to tell who’s calling on the ID screen. 

The next day, I called to see how she was doing. No answer. Called again, no answer. Later in the day, I tried one more time. Her neighbor answered. Apparently we did not program the phone to answer when the receiver was picked up. My aunt would answer, no one was on the line, and the phone will still be ringing. So I explained that she needed to press Talk and say hello.

Later that day, she was screening her calls and would call me to see who they were from. Two were from relatives, one in Canada and another in Seattle. The 800 numbers were probably telemarketers, just ignore those calls.

Next day, new problem. My aunt called to say the phone in the bedroom is beeping. I explained that I would have Paul call when he gets home in about an hour or so. Forty-five minutes later, the phone is still beeping, again Paul will call as soon as he gets in. My husband finally got home and called her back. Thinking the phone was not getting power from the plug that works the light switch, he told her to take the receiver and put it on another base to recharge.

An hour later, another call, it’s still beeping. He told her to take the batteries out of the receiver, still beeping. I told her to unplug the phone. Thirty minutes later, she reports she removed the mattress to reach the plug and guess what? The DAMN PHONE is still beeping. Just put it in the closet, we’ll be there on Sunday.

The phone is now unplugged and in the closet. My aunt goes into the room to put the mattress back on the bed, and believe it or not, SHE STILL HEARS BEEPING! She rolls over on the mattress and realizes it’s not the phone she hears, it’s the low battery warning on the smoke detector. 

An hour later, she calls again. She tried to press the reset button with a broom. The smoke detector wouldn’t go off, so she dragged in the ladder, climbed up, and pulled the smoke detector down. 

After a total of eight calls, it’s finally quiet. My husband and I sit down to relax. One more call, “when you come over on Sunday, can we fix the wires that I pulled down from the ceiling?” Yes, that’s no problem and just before I hung up, she wanted to know when she could get a cell phone.

I’m sorry, my phone’s beeping, I can’t hear you.

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