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Go Ahead Make My Day

Remember the scene in Sudden Impact when Harry Callahan (played by Clint Eastwood) confronts a robber who’s holding a waitress hostage with a gun to her head, instead of backing off, Clint puts his gun into the guys face and says, “Go ahead make my day.”

They must be planning to do a sequel and my mom is practicing for the lead. For the last two days, minus a cigar hanging out of her mouth, she’s been doing her impression of Clint.

I was in the kitchen talking on speaker phone with my daughter Dana today at 11:45 when my mom came out;

“I’m not eating breakfast today”
“What do you mean your not eating breakfast?”
“I had Ensure this morning and that was my breakfast.”
“You had Ensure, before you showered, so you wouldn’t be in a hot shower with an empty stomach.”
“I’m not eating breakfast.”
“Okay, then I’ll make lunch.”
“I’m not eating.”

Now keep in mind my mother only eats a small breakfast and an even smaller lunch that’s it, only two meals a day and dessert, and now she’s telling me no breakfast.

So, I placed her breakfast on the table and said;

“Here’s your breakfast, if you don’t eat it, I’m making you lunch and then later I’ll make you dinner.”

The thought of actually eating two meals was too much for her, as I picked up the phone and slid out the dining room chair my mom yelled;

“Why did you throw the chair at me?”

Now keep in mind my mom’s dining room set is old and made of solid wood, the chairs all have arms and weigh about twenty pounds.

“Why did you throw the chair?”
“I didn’t throw the chair I slid it out for you.”
“Well, why don’t you just hit me?”
“Why, would I hit you?”
“Just hit me.”

I started talking with Dana and said this is what it’s been like the last two days; she keeps telling me to hit her. I don’t know what’s going in her mind. Maybe she wants me to audition for Jerry Springer.

I find myself yelling, just to get the simplest things through to her, and there she is all 110 pounds in my face saying “hit me, hit me.”

I have to see the humor in everything she does, I have to remember she’s not all there and I have to remind myself the little old piñata yelling, hit me, hit me, doesn’t have enough candy for this Mexican to pick up a bat….


Call Me Anything But Trashy

Remember the old saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” Well, this is true, the way I see it if what your saying about me is true then it can’t hurt me, and if what your saying is a lie who cares you’re a liar and your opinion of me doesn’t matter one bit, to me or the people who know me. Which reminds me of another old saying “liars never prosper” because liars will eventually be found out.

So you can call me anything, well just about anything, just don’t call me trashy.

We’ve all heard about the environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. He’s the one who is always showing up to an event riding a bicycle, his home is powered by solar energy, and he has earned numerous awards from prestigious environmental groups for his work in the environmental community. If you’ve never heard of him, Google and learn.

Now for those of you who don’t know me I’m also married to an environmental activist he like Mr. Begley tries to do his part for our environmental future, but understandably my husband’s contribution is smaller, since he has a fulltime job being married to me.

My husband has a bike, which he’s planning on riding once he gets a helmet (per me) because of drivers like me.

My house has mostly CFL lighting inside and LED lighting outside, I also have high efficiency appliances.

We have drip watering systems outside.

My husband has always recycled like everyone else, with the paper, plastic and metal bins at our curb, a couple of barrels and or bags of normal trash, or trash trash as I call it, and a barrel of green trash. No problem, until now.

Aside, from my mom’s diapers, I have no trash… Yes, you heard me I have no trash…

Every bit of trash that goes out at my house is screened twice once inside and once outside. All newspaper, paper, mail shredded or intact, paper towels or toilet rolls, every box, every plastic water bottle, milk carton, every plastic bag, bread bags, produce bags, every piece of metal, foil, pie dishes, hair pins, etc are placed for recycle. All produce leftovers, banana peels, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes etc goes to Chris for his red worm composter. Seriously the only thing you can depend on being in my trash is Depends.

Yes, he is making sure that we are doing our part for the environment. He is making sure that he is driving me nuts, second guessing what goes into the trash or gets recycled. Our kids are enjoying watching their dad drive me nuts, however on a few occasions he’s been known to pull stuff out of their trash to get it into the right barrel.

He also has gone so far, as to give other peoples trash (wayward items found in parking lots) a free ride to our bins.

I even have a tinge of jealousy when I see my husband jump up when he hears the trash truck so he can help set up the barrels and then give them a soda; it’s like watching him having a first date every Friday.

So, I have learned to live my life like the rich and famous; be aware of what goes in the barrel, because the paparazzi (my husband) is lurking somewhere on the quiet street just waiting for tiniest bit of wayward trash.

Landeros Furniture Beaumont CA

On September 11th, my 82 year old aunt went to Landeros Furniture Superstore located on 1482 E. Second St. Beaumont Ca. with her was her health care worker. They explained to the salesman that my aunt was interested in wicker furniture, it had to be sturdy with firm cushions, due to the fact she in the past has had back surgery. There was nothing in the store so he showed her furniture in catalogs. My aunt did see a set consisting of a loveseat, rocker, chair, ottoman and end table, she was assured by the salesman that the furniture was sturdy and the cushions firm and it was a good choice.

The sale was written up and paid for a of total $1,762.81. Fast forward to the delivery on Oct 2nd. At the time of delivery my aunt’s 72 year old neighbor was present. The delivery was chaotic while the delivery men were trying to remove her existing sofa through the kitchen service porch area the sofa got stuck in the doorway. Fearing that they might cause damage to her doorway, walls or washer/dryer she along with her neighbor kept an eye on them following them into the garage. The loveseat was taken out the front door which is wider with no problem, once the loveseat was in the garage they started bringing in the new furniture. While the new furniture was being brought in one of the men asked her to sign a confirmation of delivery, she was so confused she can’t even remember if she signed it. No reciept was left.

Once my aunt and her neighbor went into the living room, they were in utter shock. The furniture appears to be several years old, pre-owned or left outside for sometime, its damaged, dirty and completely unstable, in no way is the furniture new.

My aunt called me immediately regarding the condition of the furniture, since I live 77 miles away and I take care of my elderly mother, the soonest I could get there was on the 4th two days later.

OMG, this furniture is definitely not new. I immediately called Landeros, and spoke with the receptionist it was Sunday and apparently their customer service isn’t open in on weekends. I explained the situation and was basically told it was a special order and there was nothing they could do, I had to wait for customer service. I did take the time to explain that I blog and give feedback good or bad. The outcome of my review would be up to them, the time it takes to rectify the situation.

That Monday I spoke with the customer service, I explained the situation again the response was it was a special order; maybe I could take pictures and bring them to the store. I really don’t carry my camera with me, all I had was my camera phone I took pictures but decided the ones that were taken were not the quality nor could I email them so I explained they are less than ½ mile away, they needed to send customer service to her. I also explained my aunt fell while trying to sit on the rocker because it’s not stable enough when she started to sit down, I again told her I will be reviewing this on my blog, yelp, my, etc. Finally, customer service agreed to send someone to my aunt’s home and take pictures.

On the 6th, the care giver almost fell getting out of the chair she said this is not the quality that the salesman said it was and it is a clear misrepresentation from the representative of the store.

So, I called to see the status and the customer service representative wasn’t due in so I asked to speak with someone else, because now I want all our money back, we clearly don’t want this furniture, its dirty, broken, chipped, weather beaten or used. I explained, previously I told customer service that we would pay for the cushions since they were made in the fabric my aunt chose but now I want all the money back, due to the quality and misrepresentation. The manager came on the line and did not identify herself by name, (and who I later found out was the co-owner) her response was that it was up to the manufacturer as to what would be done and I needed to wait to give them a chance to fix the situation. I tried to explain not only is it regarding the condition but the fact that there was misrepresentation of what was purchased by The Landeros employee. She also pointed out that since I was not there, I don’t know what was said, well she’s right but the caregiver was present during the entire transaction and along with my aunt explained my aunts bad back and type of furniture needed. What was the response from Landeros management “were not doctors.” I guess you can afford to be funny when your not out $1,762.81 and have no where to sit.

Apparently Landeros and their management has the mind set that this is between the manufacturer and my aunt. Wrong, my aunt didn’t buy from the manufacturer she bought from Landeros. The manufacturer didn’t tell her it was sturdy and firm, Landeros did. My aunt didn’t give her money to the manufacturer, she gave it to Landeros.

Well the manager said she would hear from the manufacturer that day, I said well you have my number, I look forward to hearing from you. She in turn said no you can call me back, let me give you my number. Well let’s just say customer service at Landeros is off to a good start.

The results from Landeros was the manufacturer will paint the scratches, will do nothing regarding the numerous chips and where we pointed out missing screws, we were told that we just can’t see them. Now who in thier right mind would agree to pay $1,762.81 for furniture that is so damaged and agree that a coat of paint is acceptable? Even if they were to offer replacement furniture how would we know if any replacement furniture is not just covered up junk?

At first we were willing to pay for the cushions since my aunt ordered the fabric, I am no longer willing to do so. My reasoning is that the furniture is certainly not what the salesperson represented it to be and to top it off the tags on the seat cushions say 2008 and with felt pen someone altered the 08 to 11. The furniture is flimsy, the cushions are not firm and the set is not sturdy or as well constructed as the Landeros saleman assured us. I have attached pictures so you yourself could see this is not new furniture.

As far as their no refund policy, I feel my aunt held up her end of the contract she paid for “new” and “well constructed furniture” what Landeros did was give her “damaged” and “poorly constructed” junk that she probably couldn’t sell at a yard sale. Since they didn’t live up to their end of the contract by giving her what she paid for that should make the no refund policy null and void.

Enjoy the pictures as to the quality from Landeros Furniture Superstore. I will update as this drama progresses and do a complete review on various sites so others can choose where to spend their money. My question is, is there really Customer Service or lack of Customer Service at Landeros Furniture Superstore?

I will post more pictures with my follow ups. Be sure to click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

The Luckiest

It’s been almost two months since my last entry; it’s been the best and worst time. This entry will be about the best my next entry will be about the Mad Hatters ride or as I call it living with mom.

The best is that we celebrated our fortieth anniversary on August 28th. Our good friends, Roy and Norma said when we married we tied the knot tight, yes we did plus we made a double knot for added strength.

Since our daughter was going to be gone for her 15th anniversary which is also this year we started celebrating last year with a family trip to Hawaii. It was wonderful.

Paul and I went back a few months ago by ourselves for a second honeymoon. He treated me like I was a new bride, everything was perfect.

Three months ago my daughter slipped on a wet floor in a major department store since then she has been unable to work let alone travel. So since they would be home for our actual anniversary our son came up with the idea of a local family trip so both my kids surprised us with a four day mini trip to Big Bear.

It was so much fun! Big Bear Mountain Brewery, Peppercorn grill and local deli’s, nights of scrabble, movies and just having fun.

The actual day was wonderful we had so much fun. After a special dinner we came home for cake and to enjoy a movie night. Our son put in a DVD and what a surprise he had put together a DVD about our forty plus years.

I was really surprised because I had moved all our pictures to a second residence in Temple City both kids had no idea where they were. He did a great job finding pictures here and there. The last picture in Big Bear is from last year, he said the pictures weren’t the problem the music was, it took him four days to make the right selection. He started out with “I Can’t Take My Mind Off Of You” by Damien Rice then “The Lucky Ones.” By Tim Myers and finished with “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.

Now about the note at the end it was from Paul when we were dating, however, the last part was done as a joke by our son. While dating I really wanted to see a particular movie, I can’t even remember what movie it was. Paul couldn’t afford to take me so I went out on a date with someone else and when I was leaving on the date Paul pulled up and caught me. The best he could come up with was that he wanted his records back. Over the years when ever something came up I would always asked him if he wanted his records back and you guessed it I still have them.

This year has been a great year for our family. I know we all think our kids are the best I know that’s how Paul and I feel, we’ve questioned ourselves over the years and all I can say is damn we did a good job. Our kids have always known the importance of family and we have always been there for each other. Just knowing how much thought went into this gift, keeping it a secret and choosing the right songs means a lot to us and like the song says, I’m am the luckiest!

I linked the video and hope you enjoy it. Please make a mental note of how thin I was.

California Proposition 19, Legalization Of Marijuana

Let me start off my saying my husband and I don’t smoke, drink and have never done any type of drugs. But today I will be giving you my opinion of California Proposition 19, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010) which would tax and regulate marijuana for adults over 21 years old.

Now this issue has been on the ballots before and has failed. Still you have some that will keep pushing until the results are what they want, legalization.

Now I’m sure marijuana has its benefits for people who are ill, and I for one say if it can ease ones pain then they should be prescribed the drug or drugs that can help. But for the ones who want it because they want to get high I say hold on we have enough problems already.

Now I’m not naïve, I have friends and relatives who smoke the stuff, with no problems I’m not going to say I’m fine with it, but at least they are responsible enough to use it in their home and not out in public.

I’m worried about the ones (and there will be plenty) who will use it anytime and anyplace, you know the ones that already have fewer brain cells then normal people.

My husband and I bought our first home when I was twenty-one, by the time I was thirty-four we were building our dream home. It was perfect until our neighbors sold their home to such an individual.

Our neighbor is an idiot. When his first child was an infant and would cry he would place him in the car on the driveway so his crying wouldn’t disturb him in the house. That stopped when the neighbors called the police. Then he would place him in an outside lanai until again the police would show up. He would take his child out for a ride by placing him on a flat wagon tied to a bike, once he would start off the kid would fly off like cracking the whip, His wife stopped that after seeing the neighbors coming out.

He has been outside wearing leotards and a tutu, a Samurai outfit including swords and cowboy attire just to name a few of his outfits.

He barely works, his wife assumed the responsibility earning a living and raising the kids who are now in middle school and high school.

How did this happen, my guess drugs? I came to this conclusion after a few years of not getting along with him due to his odd behavior, his dog running loose his attempt of keeping a rooster, geese etc.

Years ago Chris mentioned that the neighbor was growing marijuana in the backyard. So I called the police;

“Temple City Sheriffs station.”
“Hi, I’d like to report that my neighbor is growing marijuana.”
“Can you see it form the street?”
“Then we can’t help you, our officers need to be able to see it from the street.”
“We can’t go onto private property to check.”
“Well, send an officer anyway; I think there’s a burglar in my backyard.”

When they arrived to check out my yard, I glanced over to my neighbors and said;

“What’s that?”
“Looks like your neighbor has a few marijuana plants.”

It was only two plants, that were huge, taller and wider then I was, the sheriff asked to borrow our shovel and dug up the plants. I don’t know what the outcome of it was. He now has hedges so I can’t see over.

Now, while these all happened years ago, its people like him that I worry about. He doesn’t drive his wife’s car because he always involved in accidents. Could it be that he drives while under the influence? I don’t know. I just know his reaction time and ability to think always seems clouded.

So I will vote NO on proposition 19, knowing good and well people will still smoke marijuana whether or not it’s legal. An example; in California the drinking age is twenty-one how’s that working out? So now let’s start treating marijuana more like alcohol.

Like drinking after using marijuana, the user will feel intoxicated; have some loss of coordination, poor sense of balance and a slower reaction time. Now let’s add a two ton car.

Some of you will not agree with me, I don’t really care. I realize people will still use the stuff, heck if it would make my mom nicer I’d bake her a brownie. It’s just that in my opinion legalizing would open up a whole bunch of new problems.

So if you’re already using it responsibly fine I don’t want to hear about it. But if pot is legalized by the State of California and you’re an idiot my next call will be to the Feds because after all the state can’t regulate a Federal Offense.

Tattooed Mommy

I had many assumptions about the type of people that get tattoos. It’s probably just me and my age, but to me people that get more than one or large tattoos are usually bikers, gangsters (yes gangsters) bad boys, or people who are just rebellious. I sweated out my kids teen years no tats (pretty hip, huh) no piercings, now they’re in their mid to late thirties and I can (hopefully) breathe a sigh of relief. 

Well I pretty much know all my kids friends, all are middle to upper class with young families, all appear to be clean as a whistle. 

Well my daughters friend Nik is a doll, a perfect mom and wife, every time I have seen or visited with her she is just as sweet as can be, her kids are very respectful and well mannered and her husband is also a good guy in my book. I’m glad that the two families are friends. 

Well, Dana had previously met Nik’s cousin Bufi, and has been talking about how she gets along with her just like Nik, I’m happy to see Dana’s circle of friends getting bigger. 

The three families had planned to get together on the fourth for swimming, barbeque and fireworks, since my mom’s pool is bigger, that’s were they would swim and barbeque, then go to our house for fireworks. 

Dana wasn’t able to do much as she was still recuperating from a slip and fall at Target the week before. But it appeared that Nik had every thing under control. I let Dana know I wouldn’t be home until later but dad would be there to help, just have fun and enjoy themselves. That’s when Dana said; 

“I just wanted to let you know that Bufi and her husband have tattoos, a piercing and their son has a Mohawk.”
“Mom get over your ideas about tattoos Bufi is just as nice as her cousin Nik and you really like Nik.”  

This is true, but the whole time I was at my aunt’s I was thinking how not to look shocked at the tattoos, piercing or the Mohawk. 

When I pulled up at the house I saw Dana’s SUV, Nik’s minivan and another really nice SUV, but it can’t be Bufi’s after all someone with tats and piercings wouldn’t be caught dead in a family looking vehicle, wouldn’t they want to maintain their rebellious look over to their vehicle? Something in black, dark tinted windows, fancy wheels, maybe a shocking decal, nothing just a really nice (expensive) SUV with fancy wheels. 

So I’m prepared to meet Bufi, her husband and their son with a Mohawk. I took a deep breath and went outside. I see Nik, Jeff their kids and another nice looking couple. Well I guess Nik’s cousin didn’t come over after all, until I got closer. 

Dave, Bufi’s husband was a nice looking man, I’m sure he had tattoos but I didn’t see any at first and I didn’t want to scan him like an x-ray machine gone mad, so I turned to Bufi and I must say I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, she had one arm tattooed with what appeared to be flowers and the other arm had what appeared to be a ring of X’s and hearts, she also had a small nose ring. I guess I expected something gaudy and shocking but in the grand scheme of things it was tastefully done. 

I talked for a few minutes, told them what I had expected and laughed because I looked tougher then they did, and as far as their son’s Mohawk you could hardly tell. My husband and I spent the rest of the day going in and out for a few minutes at a time, and decided they were OK in our books. 

I will say this Fourth of July my daughter taught me a lesson “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, you need to take a deeper, closer look because the value of someone is not always obvious from what we see on the surface so we must save our judgment until hell freezes over, just kidding until we get to know them. 

Nik and Jeff, Paul and I had fun visiting with you and the kids, come over anytime for a swim, and yes bring your CRAZY, FUN cousin Bufi and her family with you. 

And guess what, my circle of friends just got bigger.

The Second Time Around

A few of my husband’s friends who are also retired occasionally meet for breakfast. Paul and I are the youngest in the group. There are two other married couples, a newly married friend who has been unable to come due to illness and a widower named Warren. My blog today is about Warren, and his new love Betty.

Now Warren is the life of the party, always joking and always flirting, which I enjoy because l really like him. Well last year he reconnected with “the one that got away,” his first wife Betty.

Paul met Betty a few months ago when Warren was in the hospital. When he came home I started in on him

“Was she pretty?”
“She’s nice looking.”
“That’s not what I asked, is she pretty?”
“I didn’t notice because I was busy talking with her and Warren.”
“So your answer is really yes, she is pretty you just don’t want to get into trouble by noticing another pretty woman.”
“No, I really didn’t notice, but she is really nice and easy to talk to.”

So a few months later, Warren is up and around and we made plans to get together for breakfast, as luck would have it no other couple was able to make it so it ended up being just us, Warren and the other woman Betty.

They pulled up outside the restaurant just before us, I was nervous after all I would no longer have Warren’s attention. Questions were going through my mind, is she thin? Is she really as nice as Paul said, is she going to fit in the group? Will this be the end of all of us getting together?

Well, they got out of the car, she was thin, about my height, thin, wearing shorts, and did I say thin.

I greeted Warren with a hug and kiss, secretly wanting to strangle him, couldn’t he have found someone who looked like a grandmother, I turned to Betty and we greeted each other with a hug.

When they walked into the restaurant they were holding hands, when Warren talked to her he looked so happy and in love, every time he said something to her he’d wink, it was clear to see Warren was in love, I’ve been replaced.

It ended up, that I too liked Betty, we talked and laughed I was even thinking about when could we get together next. She is thirteen years my senior but you couldn’t tell she looked and acted liked she was in her mid fifties, this will work. Until she said;

“I like to paint.”
“Really oil or water color?”
“Neither I just like to paint.”
“Well what kind of painting?”
“The inside and outside of the house.”
“Your kidding you paint the outside of the house?”
“Yes and the inside.”

I hoping Paul didn’t hear a word, but it got worse.

“I also like working in the yard.”
“Like a vegetable garden?”
“No, plants and flowers, landscaping. I also like working and cleaning out the garage.”
OMG, I’ve gone forty-three years without lifting a brush, roller, a shovel, touching dirt and only go into the garage to do the laundry. What is with this woman saying, Paul is listening to every word. Then I heard someone that sounded like me:

 “Shut up!”
“What?”(She’s laughing)
“No, really shut up, are you purposely trying to start something.”
(Still laughing)
“Keep it up and I’ll call you “B” and it won’t stand for Betty.”
(Still laughing).

We turned our conversation to grandkids and our guys, everything fell into place. I gave Warren my stamp of approval, and I hope he doesn’t blow it, she’s definitely a keeper.

The whole situation of Warren and Betty reminded me of two sayings:

If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it’s yours forever, and go for the happy endings, because life doesn’t have any sequels.

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