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Landeros Resolution

Well it took two months to finally reach a final resolution with Landeros. My aunt would be getting back her money in its original form (credit card) not store credit. She would have to pay the delivery fee and a restocking fee of 10%. I also had to agree to “update ALL forums on the satisfactory agreement.”

So here it is, the final resolution was fair and agreeable by both parties.

However, while the final resolution was fair, getting there was hell. Had Landeros acted more promptly and professionally, they might have kept a customer and obtained a better rating.

Hopefully, this be a lesson learned, your customer service can make or break a business. If you want your business to do well, striving for a fair or satisfactory rating is no longer good enough. The best type of advertising is free and it comes from your customers the type of advertising you receive is controlled by you and your customer service.


Landeros Furniture Beaumont CA

On September 11th, my 82 year old aunt went to Landeros Furniture Superstore located on 1482 E. Second St. Beaumont Ca. with her was her health care worker. They explained to the salesman that my aunt was interested in wicker furniture, it had to be sturdy with firm cushions, due to the fact she in the past has had back surgery. There was nothing in the store so he showed her furniture in catalogs. My aunt did see a set consisting of a loveseat, rocker, chair, ottoman and end table, she was assured by the salesman that the furniture was sturdy and the cushions firm and it was a good choice.

The sale was written up and paid for a of total $1,762.81. Fast forward to the delivery on Oct 2nd. At the time of delivery my aunt’s 72 year old neighbor was present. The delivery was chaotic while the delivery men were trying to remove her existing sofa through the kitchen service porch area the sofa got stuck in the doorway. Fearing that they might cause damage to her doorway, walls or washer/dryer she along with her neighbor kept an eye on them following them into the garage. The loveseat was taken out the front door which is wider with no problem, once the loveseat was in the garage they started bringing in the new furniture. While the new furniture was being brought in one of the men asked her to sign a confirmation of delivery, she was so confused she can’t even remember if she signed it. No reciept was left.

Once my aunt and her neighbor went into the living room, they were in utter shock. The furniture appears to be several years old, pre-owned or left outside for sometime, its damaged, dirty and completely unstable, in no way is the furniture new.

My aunt called me immediately regarding the condition of the furniture, since I live 77 miles away and I take care of my elderly mother, the soonest I could get there was on the 4th two days later.

OMG, this furniture is definitely not new. I immediately called Landeros, and spoke with the receptionist it was Sunday and apparently their customer service isn’t open in on weekends. I explained the situation and was basically told it was a special order and there was nothing they could do, I had to wait for customer service. I did take the time to explain that I blog and give feedback good or bad. The outcome of my review would be up to them, the time it takes to rectify the situation.

That Monday I spoke with the customer service, I explained the situation again the response was it was a special order; maybe I could take pictures and bring them to the store. I really don’t carry my camera with me, all I had was my camera phone I took pictures but decided the ones that were taken were not the quality nor could I email them so I explained they are less than ½ mile away, they needed to send customer service to her. I also explained my aunt fell while trying to sit on the rocker because it’s not stable enough when she started to sit down, I again told her I will be reviewing this on my blog, yelp, my, etc. Finally, customer service agreed to send someone to my aunt’s home and take pictures.

On the 6th, the care giver almost fell getting out of the chair she said this is not the quality that the salesman said it was and it is a clear misrepresentation from the representative of the store.

So, I called to see the status and the customer service representative wasn’t due in so I asked to speak with someone else, because now I want all our money back, we clearly don’t want this furniture, its dirty, broken, chipped, weather beaten or used. I explained, previously I told customer service that we would pay for the cushions since they were made in the fabric my aunt chose but now I want all the money back, due to the quality and misrepresentation. The manager came on the line and did not identify herself by name, (and who I later found out was the co-owner) her response was that it was up to the manufacturer as to what would be done and I needed to wait to give them a chance to fix the situation. I tried to explain not only is it regarding the condition but the fact that there was misrepresentation of what was purchased by The Landeros employee. She also pointed out that since I was not there, I don’t know what was said, well she’s right but the caregiver was present during the entire transaction and along with my aunt explained my aunts bad back and type of furniture needed. What was the response from Landeros management “were not doctors.” I guess you can afford to be funny when your not out $1,762.81 and have no where to sit.

Apparently Landeros and their management has the mind set that this is between the manufacturer and my aunt. Wrong, my aunt didn’t buy from the manufacturer she bought from Landeros. The manufacturer didn’t tell her it was sturdy and firm, Landeros did. My aunt didn’t give her money to the manufacturer, she gave it to Landeros.

Well the manager said she would hear from the manufacturer that day, I said well you have my number, I look forward to hearing from you. She in turn said no you can call me back, let me give you my number. Well let’s just say customer service at Landeros is off to a good start.

The results from Landeros was the manufacturer will paint the scratches, will do nothing regarding the numerous chips and where we pointed out missing screws, we were told that we just can’t see them. Now who in thier right mind would agree to pay $1,762.81 for furniture that is so damaged and agree that a coat of paint is acceptable? Even if they were to offer replacement furniture how would we know if any replacement furniture is not just covered up junk?

At first we were willing to pay for the cushions since my aunt ordered the fabric, I am no longer willing to do so. My reasoning is that the furniture is certainly not what the salesperson represented it to be and to top it off the tags on the seat cushions say 2008 and with felt pen someone altered the 08 to 11. The furniture is flimsy, the cushions are not firm and the set is not sturdy or as well constructed as the Landeros saleman assured us. I have attached pictures so you yourself could see this is not new furniture.

As far as their no refund policy, I feel my aunt held up her end of the contract she paid for “new” and “well constructed furniture” what Landeros did was give her “damaged” and “poorly constructed” junk that she probably couldn’t sell at a yard sale. Since they didn’t live up to their end of the contract by giving her what she paid for that should make the no refund policy null and void.

Enjoy the pictures as to the quality from Landeros Furniture Superstore. I will update as this drama progresses and do a complete review on various sites so others can choose where to spend their money. My question is, is there really Customer Service or lack of Customer Service at Landeros Furniture Superstore?

I will post more pictures with my follow ups. Be sure to click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

Ill Fitting Shoes And Old People

Okay I haven’t written in some time because of stress, nothing has changed no real big problems only me just worrying about all the little issues that have been cropping up. So I may do a few shorter entries to catch up.

I haven’t written about my mom lately she’s been flying below my radar just a few instances of her diving into my sights for a hit now and then. But unfortunately all good things have to come to an end.

I’ve written in the past about my mom and weight issues, she has always been petite. I have always been as they say; big boned, thick, chunky, chubby or fat and this not only bothers her, it embarrasses her and lately she’s been coming up with ways to remind me I’m heavy.

I basically buy all her clothes; she in the past would go out shopping with my aunt Socorro. Now Socorro is very active and always looks nice so my mom would pick out clothes like hers, clothes that she would never wear, so with tags still on they just hang in her closet.

I buy dresses that are mid calf, tank top or short sleeved in earth tones, she has dressy to casual even Hawaiian prints, in extra small or petite small. She always wears a solid colored matching sweater. As far as shoes she wears slippers all day, and is now down to two pairs of Easy Spirit shoes that no longer fit.

So I’ve been shopping. I have ordered/bought shoes for her but the princess is never happy. Once size is to big the next one down to small. I’m frustrated it’s not like she’s going to dance or run a marathon, when we go anywhere that would involve her wearing shoes she’s in a wheelchair. I’m about ready to paint her feet black to give the illusion she’s wearing shoes.

Today Paul went out shopping and bought her a pair of size six, light weight MaryJane Danskin shoes, they are really cute. He gets a big Atta Boy!

“Mom, look Paul bought you a pair of shoes.”
“I don’t need him to buy me shoes.”
“Mom, as simple thank you would be nice.”
“Will they fit? They look big. What size are they?”
“There size six.”
“Size six, are you sure I wear a six, my feet are small and dainty.”
“You wear size six, like a million other people.”
“I’m not saying I have smaller feet than other people, but I am petite.”

So I put them on and she’s smiling.

“Nancy, you should get a pair, do they make them in your size?”
“I’m sure they do.”
“What size shoe do you wear?”
“I dunno.”
“You know what size you wear, what size is it?”
“Don’t worry mom I don’t need a pair their not my style.”

Here it comes;

Nancy, I know you have big feet, you’re big all over, what size do you wear?”

Now how stupid do you think I am, there’s no way in hell I’m going to say nine and half or ten. I know what will happen, she’ll say something hurtful like I didn’t even know women could have such big feet or do they make women’s shoes that large.

I just smile.

“Why won’t you tell me what size you wear, I won’t say anything.”
“Six and a half.”

Jack In The Box, Walgreens, Home Depot and PlumberSurplus Surveys Where’s My Money?

Just this week, I have been given seven chances to win anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand dollars just for my opinion.

Two times this week my receipt from the drive through at Jack In the Box says I’ve been chosen to take a survey for a chance to win ten thousand dollars. Now how hard is that, I pull up tell the clown one egg cheese and sausage biscuit, pull up to the window say hi to the counter girl, pay get my grub and go. Later I go online put my dot on the staff being friendly, the place looks clean, I say N/A for the cleanliness of the bathroom and hope I win the moola.

Same week Paul went to Walgreens two times and guess what, he gets the chance to win three thousand dollars. So online we go, everyone was nice, the store was clean, we didn’t go to the bathroom, we found everything and we checked out at the front register.

Home depot a chance for five thousand dollars same questions and again we didn’t go to the bathroom (what is with the preoccupation with bathrooms).

Let’s not forget Wal-Mart’s survey with a thousand dollar prize, we found everything; everything was in its place and no we didn’t visit the bathroom.

JMS wanted me to take a one question survey for a special offer to tell them why I didn’t buy online. I was making a purchase when I got distracted closed the window but went back later and completed the sale. The special offer was free shipping with a fifty dollar purchase what’s so special about that.

But, just this morning I got the topper of all, I just bought a new toilet seat online from PlumberSurplus now they don’t say it’s a survey but if I write a review about my recent purchase and review the product so that others may benefit from my experience so it will help them improve everyone’s shopping experience I could win one thousand dollars. Well here it goes;

“Some how our toilet seat broke (it had a lot of miles), since our toilet is grey it’s hard to find a replacement, until we found your store online. There it was the Kohler K-4658-95 Brevia in ice grey. Ordering was easy, no shipping and it arrived in just a few days. It fits well on the toilet, and I fit well on the seat. It’s not hard, it’s not soft, it’s just right. Its plastic so there’s no fear of splinters. Others have sat and tried it out and I have had no reports of trouble. So from my bottom I thank you, a new loyal and hopefully one thousand dollar richer customer.


Well, here we are again, booking a trip to Hawaii, but this time it’s just me and my hubby. For our fortieth wedding anniversary were going in May instead of August for two reasons it’s cheaper and less crowded.

Paul wanted to go back to Kona; his reasons are that we didn’t explore enough of the island last September. He’s been going through travel books looking for out of the way places to eat and explore. Ok, my husband doesn’t get it I’m plus size I don’t need to find more places to eat, and if I like to explore I wouldn’t be plus size.

Ok, I’m happy to be going to Kona, but Kona equals lava, lava everywhere. I really like Kauai and Maui but been there and done that, so Kona it is.

My husband is picking up vibes that I’m not as excited as he is, I am but there are a few things that are bothering me.

The AIRPORT SECURITY CHECK, ok the last trip I had to be patted down and will admit it was rather exciting, but now thanks to the idiot that tried to have fireworks in his shorts they are now going to x-ray everyone. Well, let’s face it plus sized people don’t want skinny non medical staff x-raying us. Hell, this is nonsense I don’t even layer clothing or wear jackets because I look bigger, so do you really think I would add an explosive device and detonator under my clothing, how would I set it off, any lit match or spark would be put out by my thighs, this is nonsense. So since I will have to go through the screening I want a copy for my doctor so I can avoid my next mammogram and pelvic exam.

Now the plane ride, five hours is a long time in a seat that is two sizes too small, thank goodness we were able to book seats on the side (side rows only sit two) so I won’t bother anyone, the web site says that seats can change prior to boarding and if ours do and I have to sit up close and personal with a stranger I will have a major breakdown.

The lavatory is such an ordeal lets see, go in side ways, suck it in to turn around, close the door, turn half way around drop your drawers and fall back. Done, not quite get up turn half way around to flush then half way again pull up your drawers, by this time you’ve hit the walls and door a few times the people standing outside the paper thin door are hearing what sounds like two sumo’s wrestling. Now wipe the sweat off your brow open the door smile and walk back to your seat.

The trip is booked we will be gone for a week, seven glorious days; the condo has a full kitchen and our own washer and dryer. Paul said we can pack light (3 pairs of socks, underwear etc.) and wash every other night. Well, this is a vacation if he thinks I’m packing light and washing every two or three days he’s sadly mistaken. He can wear his socks, and underwear, the next day he can turn them inside out and wear them again, this way we both win he can pack light and I won’t have to wash. (Just kidding, or am I?)

Since this trip is for our anniversary I’m going shopping, I want to look sexy and cute on the beach so I’m buying a couple of new thongs to wear on those sunny days in the sand. I don’t like wearing them because the strap chafes my skin and it hurts but I do want to look good. So thong shopping it is or I’ll be stuck wearing tennis shoes all day. 

Well, I’m still trying to diet (remember my New Years resolution) I’ll be happy even if it’s only a few pounds, so wish me luck!

Just My Size

My husband and I, our kids and one of our nieces will be in Hawaii on a much needed vacation. Everyone feels I need to get away, and I have to agree. Dealing with my mom has been very difficult. But lately I’ve been under another type of stress, finding clothes to wear. 

Being a plus sized gal, going to Hawaii is challenging. I’ve been doing my shopping on the internet since I really don’t have the free time away from mom. But believe it or not I’ve been finding some cute tops, now I’m trying to find Capri’s. This hasn’t been easy since easy my legs are totally white they haven’t seen daylight in probably thirty-six years, then add to it their shaped like tree trunks. But as long as I don’t get to daring (I don’t want to embarrass the family) to hell with the people I don’t know, I’ll never see them again. 

Well, anyway I was shopping last night at midnight, when I started to look at swimsuits.  I was on the JMS (Just My Size) site. I found a catalog that helps you find your perfect swimwear solutions. 

The first page has different woman talking about their issues; 

“My (D) Cups Runneth Over” 

Chick number one is saying “No A, B, C’s for me I am strictly a D cup, my cup runneth over, I gotta be careful when coming out of the pool because when you jump up and the water hits it almost makes you completely exposed, JMS leaves her covered from bottom to top.”

What the hell, my double DD’s runneth over, under and to the side, forget about jumping anywhere, I might knock myself out. So I guess I’ll look for a swimsuit that has a turtle neck. 

“Tame My Thighs” 

Chick number two; is saying “I feel great from the waist up, it’s my thighs that are the problem, I just want a bathing suit that makes me feel sexy, you’ll never see me at the edge of the pool with these thighs, I’m right in the water the deep water  JMS has suits that makes these thighs disappear.”

Well, I don’t want my thighs to disappear, because I won’t have a place for my love handles, I would settle for a suit to make them one half their size. So, I’ll look for a swimsuit that has a twenty-one inch inseam. 

“I Deserve Curves” 

The next woman is saying; “When I go to the pool or the beach, I go for the whole day, I want to put my suit on one time adjust it once and have it perfect for the rest of day, I don’t want to look like Sponge Bob Square Pants, C’mon JMS, help me get my curve on.”

Ok, I seen Sponge Bob Square Pants, and if I remember correctly he looked a hell of a lot better than me in a swimsuit. So, maybe suspenders would help. 

“Hide My Hips” 

Ok this one is talking about her hips; “Right from the lips, straight to the hips, that’s me, I want to believe I’m still a surfer girl I love hanging out at the beach, but I don’t want my hips to hang out, thanks JMS for making some swimsuits that makes my hips look good.”

Yeah, I like to think of myself as a surfer girl too, but let’s face it the song came out in 1963, and so did my hips, so to hide my hips; I’ll leave them in the car with a hot dog. 

“Trim My Tummy” 

Number five is talking about her tummy; “Swimsuit issues, let’s see I will never buy a swimsuit again if it does not have a skirt. Tummy control in a swimsuit is always good I’ve had tummy fat forever, since I was about two seconds old.  With JMS swimsuits, this year I’m thrilled to head to the pool and my nine year old is ecstatic

Wow, this poor woman has had tummy fat since she was two seconds old, I didn’t start getting heavy until much later. I glad the skirts on the new swimsuits make her feel better, I’m still going to look for one with a skirt, suspenders and an extra set of pants. 

“More To Adore” 

Number six, “Curves are nice, but not, huh everybody don’t need to see them, when I find bathing suits that I wear, I really have to cover up because I don’t want to show everything, I just love to be able to walk and feel comfortable and feel safe. No more cover ups, JMS has me covered.”

What this woman had to say is right on “Curves are nice, but not, huh everybody don’t need to see them.” This is true the last time my husband saw my curves he had to take a bonine. So add to my swimsuit a jacket to hide my bodacious body.  

So there it is, I need a swim suit that has a turtle neck to keep my double DD’s in check, Capri length to cover my thighs, suspenders,, a hot dog to keep my hips in check, a skirt to hide my tummy and a jacket to hide my curves. 

No problem I put everything together and bought a sweat suit.

Did You Make This?

Number ten of the twelve things my mom says daily that drives me nuts is “did you make this?” It could be a meal, or a snack, day or night; if I hand it to her she will always ask if I made it. 

Yes, sometimes I get to the point where I have stretched the truth. 

“Mom, here’s your Cheerios.” (Her favorite cereal).
“Did you make this?”
“Yes, I did, just this morning. (I opened the box and poured the milk).
“It doesn’t taste right.”  

Last week my husband went to the hundred dollar club (Costco) and on an impulse he bought a tray of lasagna. Well, the other day I was super busy and forgot about dinner so into the microwave it went. While it was being nuked I made green beans and a salad, it actually turned out to be good. So I made my mom a small plate. 

“What is this?”
“It doesn’t look like lasagna?”
“I cut it into small pieces for you.”
“Did you make it?”

“Yes, I did.”
“I can’t eat it; it just doesn’t taste or smell right.” 

The next day for lunch, the same lasagna. 

“Mom, here’s some lasagna.”
“Did you make it?”
“No, it’s from Costco.”
“Oh, this is really good.” 

Okay, it didn’t take me long to figure this out. If I made it she won’t eat it, without a fuss, if its store bought its delicious. 

Even when I’ve offered her Oreo cookies, she’ll ask if I made them, only now my answer depends on how many cookies are left in the bag, get the picture? 

Oh yeah, I can play this game. 

Well, today she’s been on the war path, so just to get even I’m going to put some M&M’s in the candy dish, if she should ask, I made them.

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