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In this post I’m going to explain why I made the decision to have a Vertical Sleeve.

In case you don’t know what a Vertical Sleeve Surgery is, it’s a less evasive surgery to assist in weight loss. It does not bypass any of your intestines all it does is made your tummy less of a banana shape and more of a straw shape. You eat less because your tummy is smaller but you still absorb all the nutrients. I’m not going to go into the surgery at this time this about how I came to the decision. So for all you chubbies look it up. One night in the hospital and the results are great. But I have to tell you any weight loss surgery will help you get started in losing the weight but you will reach a point where exercise comes into play in order to keep the pounds coming off. I am currently not getting in enough exercise so my weight loss has stopped.

I have been heavy for 40 of my 62 years. I was so used to being heavy the only time I thought about my weight was when I shopped for clothes. So what happened to make me realize I needed help? Was it for a medical problem, or something someone said, was it a traumatic experience, was it humiliation or was a funny situation where the light finally came on. You decide.

Okay I always put off going to the gynecologist but it had been 4 years. On the day of my appointment I arrived early so I would have time for the nurse to find a big gown. Well, as luck would have it NO big gowns were to be found. As every plus girl knows we can get into a regular size gown however it in no way covers or closes in the back. Also your arm movement is limited because you just put 20 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack. So I get in the room small gown in hand and told to undress.

I got undressed quickly so I can be on the table before the doctor comes in. This is what transpired to make me realize I needed help,

I was standing in front of the examination table with my whole backside exposed the gown was so tight I could barely move my arms. The examination table has a little foot stool that comes out about 12 to 18 inches to help you climb up. Well, I placed my right foot on the step however I was unable to put my left foot up because I was wider than the 18 inches, no can do. So, I then put my left foot on the step and my right foot was airborne I don’t know why I thought I would be less wide starting on the other foot.

Starting over. I stepped onto the step backwards facing the door thinking I could raise myself up backwards. The gown was so tight my arm movement so limited a big fail.

The light came on. I figured it out. I could get on step with my right foot, facing the bed I could then climb up. Just as fast as the light came on it went off. There I was facing the bed my right foot on the step my backside facing the door my left leg in the air trying to hoist myself up, sweating big time, my hair was damp and messy, bent over laying across the bed my makeup left an impression on the torn tissue paper.

Deciding to call it quits I turned to get dressed then I saw it, in the corner was a step stool. It was just one step with a 4 foot handle to hold onto. Eureka! I could do it thank you Lord my prayers were answered. I pulled it out of corner and was able to get on the bed. I started to lift the step stool up to swing it to the other side out of the doctor’s way, hoping she wouldn’t realize I needed the extra assistance. As luck would have it, I wasn’t fast enough, there was a quick knock and the door opened. There I sat, half naked, sweaty, messy hair, makeup smeared, holding a 4 foot handle across my lap with the step hanging over the edge. I shut my eyes to imagine what I looked like. Yes, I saw myself. I looked just like a plus size middle age woman auditioning for a spot with KISS. The hair, half dressed, makeup smeared I had it all.

It was then I asked for the referral.


My Life Today

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on my blog… Quite a bit has happened since my last entry.

My mother passed away on February 6, 2013. The last 2 years of her life she actually became quite nice, it was like she finally forgot what she angry about. Her dementia had gotten worse and she would forget everything within minutes.

A few months after my mother passed away I became the caregiver for her older brother my uncle. He became ill and within 6 months was bedridden. His illness seem to have sped up his dementia. He never became angry but he suffered Hallucinations and Paranoia. He passed on March 18, 2014.

In the last 16 months I have had to change my life as a caregiver back to a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I am now almost comfortable going back out after being a shut in for 9 years. I have many funny and heartwarming stories about the last few years as a caregiver but right now there my memories and I’m not ready to share. I will someday write about them as the final years of a loved one suffering from dementia can and do effect an entire family.

But, at this time I need to tell you about; Aging Life my story… So be prepared in the next few months I’ll be writing about me, my weight loss after a Vertical Sleeve, my family, friend’s, things happening in my life, things that make me laugh, cry and make me mad. So hold on the ride is about to begin….

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