Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy

Studies have shown swearing or using foul language increases one’s tolerance to pain. I wonder if the same happens when scared, I know when something happens that scares me I sometimes say things that really don’t sound nice, but those that know me realize that’s how I roll. 

So in this entry I’m going to talk about my BFF Nancy. No one could have a better friend than she is, I trust her with my life, but last week she scared me so bad I’ve been calling her my BFFDA, which means Best Friend Forever Dumb Ass. 

While I was talking to DA, she brought up (again) the fact she wants to buy a horse. Now she knows how I feel about it, it’s just a bad idea, but she won’t listen, in her head she thinks she’s Dale Evans and wants to ride out into the sunset.

 Growing up Nancy’s parents had a ranch in Colorado and they would spend their vacations on the ranch, it wasn’t a working ranch there were no horses, it was a cabin with a lake, trees, bugs and an outhouse. It was the type of ranch where city slickers would go to rough it. 

Anyway, getting back to the other day Nancy now has this need to own a horse, while she is in her early sixties and is physically fit; she’s a far cry from a cowgirl. Anyway she knows someone who’s selling a Holsteiner and the horse is 16 hands (about 64 inches tall), she’s interested. So she decided to go check it out. 

She said it was a beautiful horse so she decided to ride him. This is where I wanted to yell stop, don’t tell me you rode him, but it was too late, there was no stopping her. She proceeded to tell me that she never quite made it on the horse. That’s right she never quite made it on the horse, because she fell off while getting on. 

She fell backwards flat on her back, she’s hurting and bruised but nothing was broken. As far as her ride it was by car to the doctor’s. 

Let’s see now she hasn’t bought a horse yet and already its cost her, a doctor’s visit, x-rays and chiropractic services. The costs are already adding up. Now you realize you need to take lessons, which are a good idea, please start with the beginning class how to get on a horse, then how to hold on. 

All kidding aside you could have gotten injured or killed falling off the saddle, does the name Christopher Reeves mean anything to you. I’m not against you riding, the market near your house has a Palomino parked on the sidewalk all you need is a roll of quarters, which I’ll send you if you promise that’s all you’ll ride. 

Please take the time and think about it seriously your husband, kids, grandkids and I love you and if something where to happen to you I don’t know how we would cope. You my BFFDA could never be replaced, so please take my advice ride a cowboy it might be safer. GIDDY UP!


11 Responses to “Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy”

  1. 1 Barbara June 11, 2010 at 8:35 am

    Nice plea to your BFFDA! I’m sure she’ll heed your advice now that she’s going through all the doc visits, etc.

    My niece raises horses for rodeo championships. I love to look at them as they are magnificent animals but I damn sure won’t get on one! For me– at 4′ 10″– they are HUGE and scare the hell outta me with their big teeth!

    Hmmm…. I need to meet a nice cowboy that I can ‘ride’! 😉

    • 2 Nancy June 12, 2010 at 1:59 pm

      You always make me laugh “For me – at 4’10”- they are HUGE and scare the hell outta me with their big teeth!” Barbara, at 4’10” even most dogs are HUGE and should scare the hell outta you. (I hope that makes sense)

      Maybe you’ll meet a nice cowboy at TJ’s ranch.

      • 3 Barbara June 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm

        Hahahahaha!! Nah, never been afraid of a big dog. Had some little yappers scare me, though!
        Yeh, I’ll hang out at TJ’s more often! 🙂

  2. 4 Linn June 11, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Had to respond to this one Nancy – I live in Colorado, I have two horses and one of them is named Cowboy… and my ring tone is “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” ;D

    Now I have taught & trained people and horses for the last 10 years and let me just say, horses are VERY LARGE RABBITS! You did good to warn your BFFDA away from owning a horse at this stage in the game!! Most of my income was earned trying to teach ladies of a certain age how to handle and ride the stud’s they had bought AFTER they had already fallen off and hurt something in a major way – men buy cars, women buy horses

    I am 44 and have RA and there is no way I can ride at this point due to balance and mobility/flexiblity issues so I walk with my horses and groom them and enjoy being with them ON THE GROUND :>

    I suggest your BFFDA find a horse rescue facility where she can possibly volunteer to satisfy that horsey obsession until it passes ;>

    • 5 Nancy June 12, 2010 at 1:45 pm

      Linn, I just had lunch with Salle and she told me you were down when I was in Hawaii. She updated me on what was happening with your dad, I’m glad he’s cancer free and does not have to go through any treatments.

      I am shocked to read you have RA; there is nothing worse than being in constant pain. Watching my mom struggle with the disease over the years has been rough. Please know you and your family are in my prayers.

      I love it, “Save s horse, ride a cowboy”, as your ringtone.

      My BFF wants to hear more from you, being that you’re another Coloradan who loves horses. Maybe the next time I’m in Colorado we can all get together.

      The most recent update, she was offered the horse for free, it was important to her friend that the horse goes to a good home. However, since Nancy is in the looking stage, she realized her barn needs more work, and she had not started budgeting for the cost of feed, shoeing and veterinary services so she decided to decline the offer.

      I feel bad because I know she had her heart set on it. While the horse was gentle I still say size makes a difference and she to small for a horse that large.

      • 6 Linn June 12, 2010 at 8:26 pm

        Ha! I sure wish we could have all gone to lunch together when I was out there – did Salle tell you that’s the plan next time i’m in town? And yes! How often do you get to Colorado and where does your BFF live? (her name’s Nancy also isn’t it?)

        I have riden many supposed “bomb proof” horses ;D Let’s just say, no horse is completely bomb proof, thank God, and if they are then they aren’t alive and have been “broken” (Ok, ugh, i’m really passionate about horses and horsemanship LOL). Being safe and staying on a horse is all in understanding a horse :>

        So yeah, it’s important to get the right fit in a horse – both size and mental fit as well as a financial fit. I’d be happy to talk to your BFF and let her know my horsey expenses and anything else she’d like to know – you can give her my email :>

        Yep – RA kinda sucks and I certainly thought of your mom often when I was first diagnosed LOL I figure if she can still be around and ornery as she is I have a fighting chance ;D I have already spoken to my daughter and cleared the way to Assisted Living as soon as she goes to college ;D

        Take good care of you – have to say I was soooo happy you guys went to Hawaii for your anniversary and sooo jealous! ;D

  3. 7 BFF June 11, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    I just wrote a nice long email but forgot to put in the whole address and it deleted the whole thing. Rats!! So will try to repeat my long note. Some corrections need to be made. I am not completely ignorant when it comes to horses or riding. I took lessons with the Girl Scouts when I was 12. We did have horses up at the ranch at various times. My favorite was Boots. He was a horse used in rounding up cattle, a real gem. One time I was getting onto a horse, Wind, and my uncle thought it would be funny to rush by like hell on a donkey, spooked my horse and it took off like it’s name. I held on for awhile but my right leg never did make it over to the other side of the rump. Down I came but was right back up in the saddle. I was in my mid to late 20’s then. Another time my Mom and I were riding some very naughty, poorly trained horses.(I was late 30’s or early 40’s). I thought it would be fun to trot them down to the stream from the highest point on the land. A little kick to his flanks and off they went in a gallop, up and over the irrigation ditch. I held on for dear life. Mom fell or “jumped off” she said to avoid the rocks the horses were dodging. What an adventure that was! Last week, Micah, the horse I couldn’t quite mount stood still, didn’t spook when I fell off. He was wondering what the H. is wrong with this woman? The latest news is….the woman who owns the Holsteiner, at 16.2 hands, wants to GIVE him to me! What??? She is moving to Florida in a few days. Micah, her horse is a 12 yr. old gelding, gentle and pretty much “bomb proof” (a horse term)or hopefully so. Hmmm, this has been a dream since I was 3 or 4 years old. The stick horse just didn’t do it for me. All the pennies in the wishing well and almost all the candles I blew out for birthdays were wishing for a horse. Friends here in CO gave me a little 2 1/2 foot fake horse as a joke. ha ha. I want a real one, but oh my this one is BIG. I have someone who can give me lessons. This evening I fed the 2 horses next door while neighbors are gone for the weekend, and I brushed them too. I love it and who needs Curves when I can shovel all that horse poop. Great exercise, right? Of course, riding a cowboy could be lots of fun too!
    Love, your BFFDA P.S. still just a little sore on the bum, but not bad.

    • 8 Nancy June 12, 2010 at 7:14 am

      Nancy, I understand you’ve occasionally been around horses, but the key word here is occasionally. Let me explain, I’ve probably been to the beach as a toddler, child, teenager, young mother and as a grandmother more times than you’ve been on a horse and it didn’t make me another Jacques Cousteau.
      Maybe I’m wrong you’re a good rider with all that experience but when you say the horse is a 12 yr old gelding that is gentle and bomb proof (a beginner’s horse, which is unlikely to become upset or spooked) and you fell off getting on the saddle I get worried, because I love you.
      If it’s your dream and the price is right (free) go for it, knock yourself out, break a leg (sorry I couldn’t resist) I’ll be there for you (not physically because I’m not going to get near the darn thing) but I’ll support your decision.
      Just make sure your medical premium, and your life insurance is up to date. Wear a helmet, shin guards and a parachute and look both ways before you cross the street and you have my blessings.

  4. 10 Margie June 15, 2010 at 5:44 am

    The “roll of quarters” made me laugh. Have a great day.

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