Big And Rich And I’m Not Talking About The Singing Group

I’M RICH, I’M RICH as soon as someone pays me what I’m worth.

I’ve taken care of my parents for at least twenty years. When my dad was alive it was a piece of cake but when he passed three years ago my life drastically changed. I retired at age fifty-three without an income until I reach fifty-nine, my husband retired six years ago at age fifty-three so were now living on his pension until I get my pension and our Social Security.

I knew from the get go my life as I knew it would change. I do not have the freedom to pick up and go until I secure a babysitter. I knew most of our combined income with my mother would go to depends, nutritional drinks and bed pads. I knew I would have to live in a house with the thermostat set at ninety degrees. I knew I could no longer brush my teeth in the dark to make sure I grabbed the toothpaste and not the Ben Gay. What I didn’t know was how difficult my mom was, or how much I would miss the freedom of the ability to get up and go with my husband. But after all she is my mom I have to do this.

Well, for the last eighteen months I’ve been traveling the one hundred and sixty miles twice a week to check on and visit my aunt. She also has a good neighbor that she pays to assist when I’m not available, but sometimes it’s not enough so a decision was made to hire a home health caregiver for four hours a day, three times a week.

Hello, I’m big and rich.

I called three agencies and we picked the mid priced one. For three times a week not including mileage it should run around $935.28 a month or $11,223.36 a year, yikes!

So what did I do I started calculating for seven days a week for four hours it would be $2,232.00 a month or $26,784.00 a year, double yikes.

Did I stop? Heck no.

Six hours a day for seven days was $3,637.20 a month or $43,643.40 a year. (I’ll refrain from using any more yikes.)

Eight hours a day for seven days was $4,364.64 or $52,375.68 a year.

So I jumped to twenty-four hours, seven days a week (which is a reduced flat rate.) If you’re standing, sit down before you read any further.

The price was from $5,425.00 to $6,200.00 a month or $100,380.00 to $109,680.00 per year. Ok just one big YIKES!

So when my mom sat down for soup I let her know she owes me $301,140.00 for the last three years. Her reply “the checks in the mail.”


4 Responses to “Big And Rich And I’m Not Talking About The Singing Group”

  1. 1 Barbara March 9, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Wow!!!! I researched this myself months ago–just out of curiosity—and for our area, the average is $500 per month for a live-in caregiver. So, it might be cheaper for you to do that???

    Mom pays me each month (less than any $500!)) and it JUST covers my own bills and personal items. She pays for all of the groceries plus her rent and utilities and, now, her prescription drug insurance.

    But, Mom has always been that way. She insists on paying for services rendered whether it be by me, Sis or the brothers. Anytime anything needs repaired here, Mom pays the boys for their work.

    You could send your Mom a bill! hahaha!!!

  2. 2 Nancy March 9, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Wow, $500.00 a month I would sign up in a heartbeat, unfortunately in our area it’s very expensive. I called three agencies and chose the mid price one for my aunt, while it is pricey she needs the help and has the funds.
    We have friends who were in the same situation a few years back who hired two women on thier own to alternate for 24/7 home care, it cost them about $2,500.00 a month plus room and board. Unfortunately for my mom all she can afford is me, every month I combine her income with ours and pay all bills.
    I know I could do a reverse equity or sell her home, but we’re not there yet, besides that what would I have to complain about.

  3. 3 Barbara March 9, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Yes, we must hold onto our ‘complaint’ factors! It keeps us goin’!! :))

  4. 4 Margie March 11, 2010 at 5:16 am

    I loved your Mom’s reply. My mother lives with my sister too. And it does tie her down quite a bit, even with a nurse who comes a couple times a week to do the baths, etc. She also has a friend they pay (? amount) to come in and help and assist with Dr. appts and such. I don’t envy you one bit. Sorry.

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