Call It Weed Or Grass, It Could Still Equal Jail Time

Ok this entry is about my husband the saint and his preoccupation with “weed” or “grass” and my feelings towards his hobby of meticulously filling up anywhere from an eight ounce to gallon size baggies of what he calls the pure, primo stuff that’s chemical free.

He gets his stash from a neighbor’s yard. I have seen on many a day, my husband in the garage smiling from ear to ear putting his “find” in baggies and storing it in our refrigerator to keep it fresh until our son Chris comes by. But now he’s has our daughter Dana involved and the other day she blurted out in the supermarket to Chris that if he didn’t pick up the weed today he needed to buy some. Well I cannot stand quietly by any longer.

I have now set up some ground rules if Paul wants to be Chris’s supplier, he is no longer be able to do the hand off in the parking lot when we meet for dinner. No longer is he to put his stash in the baby’s backpack so she can take home to her dad, no longer is he to call it by their street names grass and weed.

The three of them need to grow up, their all adults, the chemical free weed and grass should be called by their proper names dandelions and St Augustine, just put the pure chemical free clippings (our neighbor does not use any weed killer on her grass) in a plastic grocery bag, and stop using my expensive baggies. The kids can then take home the grocery bag and feed it to Honu and Scutes their Sulcata Tortoises. Or else I’ll stop the free supply and they will be forced to buy fresh produce at the store to feed them.


4 Responses to “Call It Weed Or Grass, It Could Still Equal Jail Time”

  1. 1 Barbara February 13, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Hahahaha!! Get all the weed ya want, just leave my bags alone!!! Too funny!!

    • 2 Nancy February 15, 2010 at 4:39 pm

      My husband is always sending the boy’s (tortoise) baggie’s full of goodies (dandelions and St Augustine) which is alright but he needs not to hand it off saying “I have a bag of weed for you” because one day someone may call the cops.

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