We’ve been using Netflix for at least six years. It is wonderful, for those of you who have never heard of it, it’s an online rental service for DVD’s through the mail. We order a movie online usually get it next day, watch it, and mail it back in its own postage paid envelope then the next movie in our queue is sent, our package allows for three DVD’s at a time. All this for $16.95 a month.

The only problem is my husband has set up a queue of movies that he thinks we would enjoy. Now keep in mind that Netflix has all the major movies as well as the not so major or who the hell even thought that anyone would even want to see this type of movie and guess where my husband always goes, for the what in the hell is this movie.

Now, first I’ll give him credit, we seen great movies like August Rush, Star Trek, Slumdog Millionaire, Australia and The Education of Little Tree.

The problem is movies like August Evening, good title so he rented it. We started watching it in Spanish; he restarted it to flip it into English, no can do so my husband figures it starts out in Spanish and then goes into English. Well anyway it’s about an undocumented worker on a chicken farm in Texas who with his (widowed) daughter in law tries to keep the family together. Well its taking place on a chicken farm, their not going to school so why is my husband assuming that at some point their going to start speaking in English. Thank goodness after 20 minutes he got the hint and I got to hit the ejecto button.

Soupy Sales wouldn’t watch him when I was younger so sure as heck I won’t watch him now.

Running with Scissors, this movie is about a woman (crazy lesbian) who decides that her adolescent son should be raised by unconventional (a sicko) psychiatrist. Halfway through this movie I wanted to run with scissors just to get it over with.

Is Anybody There? This one’s about a ten year old being raised in a nursing home run by his parents. Ok, its hard for me taking care of my eighty-five year old mother, how depressing to watch this poor ten year old living in a nursing home environment, I found myself yelling at the TV for him to run away.

Big Man Japan, a second rate-third generation superhero (Hitoshi Matsumoto) who causes noise and destruction on the job. After seeing this movie I wanted to close the border. If you want to see something like this movie only better watch Hancock with Will Smith.

Nacho Libre, the main character is named Ignacio he works as a cook in a Mexican monastery where he grew up, he tries to help the orphanage financially by disguising himself and joining a professional wrestling circuit. Totally ridiculous, my husband loved it but I guess he’s used to having a chubby, masked Mexican (me) running around.

Now both of us like biblical movies, and let’s face it Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, all the oldies, well by husband rented Moses starring Ben Kingsley. This is a different version of the old Ten Commandments starring Charleston Heston. Watching Ben Kingsley in the role of Moses was like watching Gabe Kaplan trying to free the people in the Bronx. I really tried to enjoy this one but no can do.

Well I need to remember this year’s resolution, keep an open mind to the ridiculous.


2 Responses to “Netflix”

  1. 1 Barbara January 27, 2010 at 9:43 am

    OMG!! I will not watch a movie unless I’ve heard about it from others or seen the previews or looked it up online for reviews.
    Maybe you ought to be the one to fill that queue!!

    • 2 Nancy February 2, 2010 at 5:35 pm

      While I may look like Gene Shalit, I would make a lousy movie critic. I tend to fall asleep even when I like a movie. So I leave it to Siskel, Ebert and Paul.

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