My mom’s older brother, my favorite uncle has lived in an over fifty-five mobile home community for over thirty-five years. Unfortunately, a few years back it changed allowing families with kids to move in. As luck would have it, my uncle lives near the family from hell. 

Now I love my uncle very much, I see him at least twice a week and talk to him at least three times a day. He is so different from my mom; he eats right, exercises, mows the lawn, does his own wash, cooks and never complains. He will babysit my mom with only a moments notice so I can get away. 

When my dad passed away, he moved in with my mom to help out. I thought this was great, what could be been better. My uncle would watch out for her safety, he would get a quiet place to live, and they both would have companionship. 

Wrong, after six weeks, he couldn’t do it, she drove him nuts. I guess he decided it was better to live in hell then with my mom. 

Now, my kids Paul and Muriel have a large home and no kids, so they have offered my uncle a room in their home. My husband decided to paint and update the light fixtures and fan to be more masculine. My uncle’s mobile home appeared to sell faster then expected and his new room wasn’t ready. Since it was being paid in full (cash) and being sold furnished, the transaction was going to be done in one day. So my uncle was to move in with my mom and us for a few days. My mom was aware of this temporary move, we discussed it daily. 

The morning he was moving in, it happened, she started on me like I was a Piñata and she was this crazy Mexican kid with a big stick. All sides, all angles I was spinning like a cheap top trying not to get hit. 

“Nancy, why are you moving your clothes out of the extra room?”
“Chilo’s moving in for a few days.”
“Good, I don’t want you here.”
“Mom, I’m not moving.”
“You could move I don’t need you now that Chilo’s staying with me.”
“Mom, he’s not moving in to live with you, he’ll only be here a few days until his room is ready at Paul’s and Muriel’s”
“I never asked you to move in.”
“Mom, I’m not moving.”
“I know you don’t want to be here, I see your face.”
“My face, what does my face have to do with this?”
“You don’t want to be here.”
“You could tell this by my face?”
“All I’m doing is moving my clothes from one closet to another that should tell you I’m staying. Moving my clothes to a suitcase or the car would tell you I’m moving.”
“I’m glad you’re going.”
“Mom, I’m not going anywhere, except crazy.” 
“You’ve always been crazy, and now you’re trying to make me crazy.”
(Make you crazy, you’ve been parked on that road for some time.)
“Mom, relax, Chilo’s only going to be here a few days, nothing changing.”
“Well, why doesn’t he just stay and you leave?”
“He doesn’t want to live with you because you drive him nuts.”
“Are you staying?”
“Yes, mom I already told you, I’m staying.”
“Well, you don’t have to.”
“I know.” 

Then, she put the stick down, looked around for candy, then went and took a nap. 

The sale fell through, since all my uncle’s clothes and personal items are at my son’s, I asked him to stay with us a few days. He looked at me, and smiles. “Are you crazy?” 


2 Responses to “PINATA”

  1. 1 seniorsafari June 17, 2009 at 7:43 am

    The sale fell through? How disappointing for Uncle!!! That’s too bad. 😦

    Ok, Mom, listen closely—NANCY IS NOT MOVING OUT!!!!!! 😉

  2. 2 Nancy June 18, 2009 at 10:29 am

    What was I thinking, I should have bolted when I had the chance.


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