Open Wide

When I was a teenager, I had a root canal done on one of my molars, number thirty to be exact. No problem until my thirties, the darn thing started to hurt. So the cap came off and in they went again. 

Fast forward, twenty years later in my fifties, the damn thing is hurting. I have an abscess. So, I floss, I rinse, and all my work paid off, no more pain. Oops, I spoke to soon the pain was back. I repeated my care for a week, good as new. Oops, get the picture; 

“Hi, this is Nancy; my tooth is hurting and has an abscess.”
“We, can fit you in today, is ten forty-five ok?”
“No, problem, see you then.” 

I really like my current dentist and his staff, the only complaint is they are to accommodating. Don’t they realize I need at least one more day for a miracle?  

So off I go. The office manager greets me as soon as I walk in, she always makes me smile. Then the dental assistant comes in, she is so nice I’m at ease. She swings a computer screen in front of me, great this is new; I can play spider solitaire while I wait for the dentist. Drat! It’s not for me to play on; it’s for me to view my x-rays, etc. 

All of a sudden it got quiet and he walked in, just kidding, I really like my dentist. After some small talk; 

“Has your tooth been hurting?”
“Yes, but it hasn’t been too bad, kinda a dull pain.”
“Have you been able to eat?”
“What? If I wasn’t able to eat, I would have been here last week. Yes I’ve been able to eat.” 

Well, it ended up being, a crack in the root of the tooth. No way around it, the tooth had to come out. I was scheduled for Wednesday two days later. 

There I was in the chair again. The dentist comes in, a little small talk before the Novocain, he swabs my gums to numb them; 

“Now, I going to put in the Novocain, it won’t hurt.”
(It didn’t, five minutes later).
“I’m going to give one more shot, just in case, so I don’t have to stop during the procedure.”
(mumbling, with my mouth half numb).
“I don’t want to feel a thing either, so don’t stop with the Novocain until my butt tingles.”

 No, pain. No tooth. I didn’t even have to take an aspirin. A week later, I was scheduled to have my stitches removed. Just before my appointment I brushed, flossed and then noticed no stitches. 

“Good, morning Nancy, any pain or discomfort?”
“None, I didn’t even have to take an aspirin.”
“Have you been rinsing with salt water, to help the healing?”
“Yes, I have.”
“Well let’s take a look.”
“Before, you look, the stitches are gone. I think I ate them.”
“Sometimes, when you’re healing they will come out of the gums.”
“Yes and heavy people tend to eat anything that’s in their mouths.
(So in he goes).
“Everything looks good, and you’re right, there’s no stitches in there.”
“Since you don’t have to remove anything, do I get at least five dollars back?


2 Responses to “Open Wide”

  1. 1 ProDDS May 16, 2009 at 9:18 am

    🙂 very funny! It’s good that the surgery went fine, and you don’t have pains anymore! Everyone knows dental surgeries are extremely painful, but if you have a good dentist everything will be fine!

    • 2 Nancy May 16, 2009 at 4:28 pm

      I was really surprised, that I didn’t have any pain. My mom tells me I have a big mouth so I guess he had plenty of room to work.
      Nancy 🙂

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