Flash Back

I was pulling into my mom’s driveway today. There in the corner of the porch sitting on a bench was my mom. She had on a pale pink housecoat (almost white) and pink slippers. My mom has a very fair complexion; her hair color is a beautiful snow white. She looked mad but wasn’t I could tell she was squinting from the sun. Then it happened I started to shiver as I had a flash back from my childhood.    

I think anybody under the age of fifty will not be able to relate to this entry. By the time they were born neighborhoods started to change houses were built closer together, our kids were driven back and forth to school. We put them in organized sports after school. No more hide n seek, no more army, no more playing with our toys in good old dirt and no more making up stories about the people or houses on the street. 

There was an episode of Andy Griffith that I saw on cable not to long ago about a mean old man (moon shiner) that chased Opie and his friends off his land. It reminded me of a man named Mr. Curtis. 

Growing up there was this large three acre lot on the corner with an old barn and house. All the plants and trees were overgrown, half dollar sized spiders had webs sometimes three feet in size all around on the property. If he caught kids on his land he would chase them off. Rumor had it if he caught you, well how can I say it “he would kill you.” 

I never went on his land because he was the “crazy man.”  My husband lived nearer to Mr. Curtis and said he was nice enough unless you went on his property then he would intentionally chase you off. We now realize it was for our safety. Old barn, rusty nails, goats and chickens etc. 

On the other side of the tracks was Hicks Camp. We never went into that area because you wouldn’t come out. All the neighborhood kids said everyone in that area were rough and mean. Again looking back, some of my good times in grade school were with friends that lived there. 

So I started to think over the years I have heard stories about the mean old man or woman that lived in someone’s neighborhood. Or the spooky old house with the unkempt yard or the house that looked like no one lived there. Then it hit me. 

My mother’s home is very nice. Nothing that would scare or make children talk. It has low eaves and a cute grandma sign in the planter box. But seeing her sitting there in the corner I realized I now live in the “crazy lady’s” house. 

Later I was telling my husband how I felt; 

“Hansel, do you sometimes feel like we live with the crazy lady or that were in a scary fairy tale?”
“Sometimes Gretel, sometimes. 


1 Response to “Flash Back”

  1. 1 Barbara April 19, 2009 at 8:45 am

    Oh boy, you brought back memories with this one! Our neighborhood had the crazy lady, too. We never actually saw her but would hear her yell, from behind the curtains, to get out of her yard OR ELSE.
    We later learned that she was blind and didn’t want anyone to know for fear of being broken into/robbed/or worse. She was protecting herself the only way she knew how.

    Take care of your ‘crazy lady’, she just might be feeling scared too. [img]http://www.websmileys.com/sm/sad/021.gif[/img]

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