Water Torture

Chinese water torture is when water is slowly dripped onto a person’s forehead; this was supposed to drive the victim insane. I don’t know if this kind of torture worked, but it would have been easier to lock the victim with someone like my mother. 

An hour at the most, and whoever they were trying to break, would have given away National Security. 

I am currently being tortured by my mother, but instead of her using water, she is doing it by repeating herself over and over. Now, realize when you get older, you forget and tend to repeat oneself, but my mom will go on and on, and just when I reach my breaking point she stops and smiles.

It’s a game mostly done to me. 

Yes, she is the marionette and I’m the puppet. Everyday it’s like clockwork she will say the same things over and over until she knows her safety and mine could go at anytime. 

You’ve heard about “vomit” and “coffee water” on the earlier entries today I will tell you about another sentence I hear each and every day. 

“Nancy, this toast (bagel, sweet bread) is stuck in my teeth.” (Mouth wide open)
“Mom, I know I also have also have a bridge, even people without dental work have the same problem, and it’s just not something that people normally will not talk about.”
“I don’t mine talking about it.”
“I know but it’s disgusting to hear it.” 
(An hour later)
Do you know that bread is still stuck on my teeth?” (Mouth wide open)
“No, I haven’t had time to look in your mouth this morning.”
“Well, I’m not looking so go brush your teeth?” 

All during the day I will have to hear about that bread. Up to the time she will eat her one and only meal for the day; 

Mom, here’s lunch?”
“I still have bread stuck on my teeth.” (Mouth wide open)
“If I would have known that I wouldn’t have cooked lunch, you could have had that bread for lunch.”
“I thought so”. 

Oh, you say it’s over. Not exactly, the bread is now replaced by the fish she had for lunch. And it will go on until she has her dessert later. 

Well, I called to complain to Dana. My daughter is so smart she gave me good advice and solved my problem “have nana take out her bridge before she eats. She doesn’t need them to chew.” 

How easy is that? Why didn’t I think of it? Now for those readers that know me and visit call first so I can make sure “nana’s teeth are in.”


1 Response to “Water Torture”

  1. 1 Barbara April 17, 2009 at 8:44 am

    Nancy, what a hoot of a post! I know that when you’re going through all the repeating it is unnerving and exasperating, but your being able to handle it with humor is great for you and your peace of mind!
    Keep up the good work! Stay strong!…….and laugh!! 😀

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