Living Longer

Well Dr. Oz is up to it again this time on Oprah. Remember the last time I wrote about him was August 2008 the entry was titled “Hour by Hour Commitment”. 

This time he’s telling people how to live to be one hundred and twenty plus. What kind of crap is that? Look around, who in their right mind (besides my husband) wants’ to live that long? I’m barely making it with my mom now and, let’s see, he wants to add on another twenty-five years. What in the heck did I ever do to him? 

Now if my kids thought there was a chance in hell I would live that long taking Dr. Oz’s advice they would run for the hills. I’ve told them, when I’m in my eighties, if I act out of control, just shoot me. Put the gun in my hands and call it a day. (Hmm I wonder if that’s why Chris keeps asking how old I am). 

Now Dr. Oz showed a couple who are well on their way to one hundred plus. They looked great. Their diet is compromise of 1,900 calories a day! They eat a controlled amount of nuts, berries, greens and fish. They showed them with a birthday cake (made with no flour or sugar that sounded yummy). They hiked and exercised and seemed very happy. 

So I started to think about it; 

If I cut out most of our meats, dairy products, snacks and measured our food intake. Our friends would stop inviting us over. It’s hard enough cooking for company let alone the odd couple that’s trying to out live you.

If we went out on a walk or if we hiked in the wilderness something could happen to us that could prevent us from watching CSI, Amazing Race, Idol, Dancing with the Stars etc. 

Now for the questions; 

Do I really want to outlive the majority of our family and friends?
Do we really want to work until age ninety to one hundred before retiring?
Would we have enough money to live that long?
Can Kaiser fix everything wrong with me now so I can less aches and pains over the next sixty years? 

My decision is this; I’ll take my chance with Cheetios, red meat, and sugars. I will be careful when I put my chair in a reclining position when I watch my shows. I will do my walking down the aisles of Ralphs and Vons. I will order some of my dinners talking into the Clown’s head. 

I will be contented knowing that I lived long enough to know my children and grandchildren will be okay. I will enjoy life and take up the time and space I was intended to take.


1 Response to “Living Longer”

  1. 1 Barbara April 16, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Good lord! What would I do for another 40+ years! I have enough on my plate now, at age 58, and I already tire easily with problems of anxiety and insomnia. To think that I have 40 more years of this?–ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!

    Well! That didn’t sound like a very positive outlook, did it?
    Seriously, we already live longer than we were intended to live. There are more health problems than ever in this society and less insurance to cover those health problems. Just let me live as long as I’m supposed to–naturally–and let nature take its course.

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