Aren’t Your Feet Hot

When my mom walked down the aisle and said “I do” she never worked again. On my dad’s salary and his side job’s she was able to keeping the household going. Our friends and church people didn’t know how we were able to have a nice home, pool and dress so nice on one income. 

My mom has never been over one hundred and twenty pounds. So you could imagine she could wear anything well. My mom had so many clothes and shoes my dad had to use the guest closet. My mom’s clothes were from Winsor and Phillips which were pricey stores back then. Her shoes were kept in their original boxes on shelves. She would always wear jewelry and on cold Sundays her mink. (Back then you could wear mink). 

She taught my brother how to dress. He was like my mom he could coordinate his clothes and look like a million bucks. At sixteen he had his own charge card to a store called Manny’s. My mom trusted his taste in clothes and his ability to make good choices. To this day I don’t think I have ever seen my brother like my mom dressed down. Even when dressed casual he looks great. 

Then, there was my dad. When my dad dressed he looked like a doctor or an attorney. When he walked into a room he was noticed. He was Italian, tall and had a muscular build. Probably one of the most handsome men you would ever meet. But he was his happiest in what he called his “cry baby pants” (shorts) and a t-shirt. My dad was eighty one when he passed away and over the last fifty years the only time he wore long pants was for funerals, weddings and when he was in parades. (He was an EX POW). 

He taught me well. I will also dress for funerals and weddings anything else I’m in my jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. My mom never gave me or trusted me with a charge card. To this day the way I dress drives her nuts.

Now skinny people will not understand this, but when you heavy and are able to find something that looks good and fits you buy two in every color. I have so many t-shirts with what I call back ups. I currently have nine pairs of the same jeans, three that have the faded look, three that are a medium blue and three that are midnight blue. To my mom it’s the same pair everyday. I even have multiples of the same tennis shoes.   

“Nancy, didn’t you wear the same shirt yesterday?”
“No, yesterday I wore mustard, today is yellow.”
“Are you sure It’s not the same?”
“No yesterday I spilled and there’s no stain on this one.”
“It seems like you wear the same shirt everyday?”
“I kinda do the same style just different color. Does it bother you?”
“Are you wearing the same jeans?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure, the ones yesterday are getting a hole.”
“Looks like the same pair?”
“Well they’re not. Does it bother you?”
“Are those the same tennis shoes you wore yesterday?”
“Are, your feet hot?”
“No, do they look hot?”
“Mom you can’t see my feet how can they look hot?”
“They look hot.”
“Mom, does it bother you?”
“Mission accomplished.” 


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