Saying Goodbye

This is my last entry before I shut down my blog, Aginglife. I hope you will miss me as much as I will miss writing it. Now that I’m getting older and family commitments are taking a toll on me, it’s time to shut it down.

My son wants a new entry every two days. My daughter says my daily calls should be shared with you. They don’t understand when I tell them my day is entertaining to them because they know everyone involved. It wouldn’t be entertaining to my readers. Besides, I just don’t know if my ramblings are interesting to everyone else. After all is said and done, I’m just trying to keep my sanity.

I did write a new entry yesterday titled Want a Cookie? so you might want to back up and enjoy.

Just remember one thing:
Aprils Fools!

Just when you thought I was leaving, I’m now going to attempt at least two entries a week. Just like Arnold, your nightmares, and my mother – I will be back!

On Tuesday, my husband came home from our son’s house at 4:30pm. We went out to visit a friend in the hospital, then grocery shopping. Around 8:30pm, I called my son and acted like Paul never came home.

“Paul, when Daddy leaves, have him call me. I need him to pick up something at the market.”
“Mom, Dad left around 4:30. He isn’t home?”
“Stop kidding around, have Dad call me.”
“Mom, he left earlier this evening, are you saying he’s not home?”
“April Fools!”

My son started to laugh. My son Paul always gets me with practical jokes. He is so serious that I always believe and fall for the things he says. I called Dana to tell her I caught her brother in an April Fools joke, she was laughing because she always gets taken too. A few minutes later, my other son, Chris, calls to say that’s dumb, you can’t do an April Fools joke on the last day in March.

So today, Chris was taking my granddaughter to school which is near the house. So I call him on his cell.

“Chris, Dad left and I can’t get the car started. I need your help.” (Yes I would make him drive to the house just for a joke.)
“Really, maybe your car won’t start because it’s April Fools.”

So I call Paul and I haven’t talked to him since last night’s prank.

“Paul, I’m at the market and the car won’t start.”
“Dad’s not home, I have ice cream and you’re the closest.”
“Mom, Muriel has the car.”
“April Fools.”

Oh yeah, I’m on a roll! In the recent past we have had plumbing problems at my mom’s, so I call my husband.

“Paul, I’m sorry, but mom’s kitchen sink is plugged again.”
“Yeah, like April Fools.”

So I’m over it, no one else to prank when the phone rings.

“Mom, it’s Chris, today is Spaghetti Day at school (my granddaughter does not do spaghetti at school). I’m in San Dimas and won’t be able to make it back in time, can you take Mac lunch?”
“No because its April Fools.”

I called later to talk to my daughter, Muriel, but she’s at school. So I’ll have to prank her another day. I called Dana at work. Darn, her mother in law answered – no prank there. So I call my son Chris again. (My husband is re-doing a ceiling at my son’s house to make it more sound proof.)

Chris, I’m not joking this time. Dad’s doing the ceiling and it’s starting to sag, can you go over before Mac’s game.”
“Yeah, I’ll get her dressed and leave.”
“April Fools.”
“You didn’t get me.”
“Yes, I did when you said I’ll go over there I gotcha!”

Later in the evening, I called and told Muriel we were having plumbing problems, just before she got my son on the line I said “April Fools! I caught you!” She replied, “the day’s not over!”

Just as I was posting this entry I made one last call to my daughter Dana to tell her I was going to post my entry “Saying Goodbye”. She told me she would call me right back because she was home alone giving Mac a bath. Apparently she goofed and Chris took his mother to the airport a day early (she will be on a one month vacation). Her flight had been cancelled and rescheduled back in August. At that time, an error in rescheduling was made so she would have flown into Hong Kong a day after the cruise ship left. My daughter caught the error and thought she corrected it, now they had her at the airport a day earlier than her flight. I got off the phone and felt so bad for Dana making such an error with her mother-in-law. That is until she called me and said, April Fools!


2 Responses to “Saying Goodbye”

  1. 1 matt April 2, 2009 at 3:47 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks 🙂

  2. 2 Your BFF April 2, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    You got me with the Good bye….You are such a Weenie!

    Love you,
    your BFF

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