Want a Cookie?

Every day I learn something new with my mom. I watched her sleeping last night; she looked like a delicate angel, with her white hair laying on soft pink sheets. She looked so peaceful. Her lips softly turned up into a sweet smile. Then it hit me, she’s probably planning her next move. I got the chills thinking of what would be in store for me tomorrow. 

Well this morning, around nine, I was checking my email. I knew the morning would be nice because my mom hasn’t been up before eleven in quite sometime. My uncle and husband were discussing the world’s woes. (They are my alternate choice for information when I’m not watching CNN.) Something caught my eye, moving or I should say lurking, it was a little white-haired, elf-like creature peering around the hallway.

“Good morning, Mom.”
“What’s good about it?” (When she realized her brother was over, she went back for her walker. When she returned, she was moaning to the squealing of the walker wheels).
My husband saw her first. “Good morning, Eva.” (No answer.)
Then it was my uncle’s turn. “Why don’t you answer when someone says good morning?”  
I said good morning, everyone’s always telling me I need a hearing aid, what about you?”
Well, I’m sure it’s a good morning somewhere.  

I gave her a glass of Ensure, and then went back to the computer,trying my hardest to stay out of firing range. She sat in the den with the guys. She started complaining.

My back and legs hurt, my back itches, I hardly slept all night, the sun coming into the window bothers my eyes, why is the TV volume so low?” (The guys, being smarter than me, say nothing. I, on the other hand, still have trouble not answering.)
 “Mom your legs hurt because of lack of exercise.”
“I get more exercise than you.”
“Well, it’s not my legs that are hurting.”
“Your back feels like it’s itchy but it’s nerve pain from when you had shingles.”
“Oh, I forgot you’re a doctor.”
“And, you can’t sleep at night because you sleep during the day.”
“I don’t sleep during the day; I just close my eyes and think.”(Yeah, think, sleep and snore.)

Around eleven, my uncle and husband left. I asked if she could take a shower so I can start my day. 

“I’ll take a shower when I want to. You don’t need to be here. I don’t stop you from starting your day.” (So I get up and start a load of laundry).
Why are you starting the laundry? I’m getting up to take a shower.”
“Mom, when I asked you take a shower you said no, you’ll take it when you’re ready, well since you weren’t ready I’m starting the laundry.”
“I’m ready now.”
“Not this time, you’ll wait till the load is done. You always play this game.”

It’s now two-thirty, she’s taken her bath and is in bed sleeping. I get her lunch ready, turkey, gravy, green beans and a small salad.

“Mom. Mom. Mom! Wake up. This is why you can’t sleep at night. It’s time for lunch.”
“I wasn’t sleeping.”
“Then why didn’t you answer me the first time?”
“Because I like to irritate you.”
“Well you are good at it.”
“Did you cook my lunch?”
“Where did you buy the turkey?”
“The turkey store.”
“Why did you say the turkey store?”
“Because I like to irritate you. Ralphs, Mom, I bought the turkey at Ralphs.”
“Nancy, I ate all my lunch, the turkey from the turkey store was good. (She’s smiling.)
“You want a cookie little girl? Dana made them.” (Smiling back.)
“Maybe later.”
“OK, I’ll eat this one though because I touched it.” 

Well if that’s how it works, I’ll touch all the cookies on the way back to the kitchen.


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