DMV Renewal

 Let me start out my saying I hate taking pictures, tests, being forced to tell lies and most of all the DMV. 

My driver’s license expires tomorrow. I had received a notice last month stating that I needed to update the information on my license and check my vision. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to take a written test because I probably wouldn’t have passed. I can drive I just clam up when it comes to tests. 

I went on March sixteenth to the Pasadena office of the DMV. If you’re not familiar with the office it’s about as close to hell as anything can get. I kept going around and around for fifteen minutes before getting a parking space. I walk in and the crowd was horrible I walked from the back of the office to the front to get in line. I got in the back of the line when a guard comes up to me and said I needed to get in the back of the line outside in front of the building. Oh hell no, I’ll go to the West Covina office it’s about the same size but nicer. 

Twenty minutes later I pull up to the West Covina office. Oh my gosh! The parking lot is bigger but it’s also full. The line is outside the building and it zig zags like the lines at Disneyland. So, forget it I went back home. 

I got on the computer to make an appointment nothing available until after my birthday.  This is not a good thing if your license expires before you renew it you have to take a written test. The pressure is on I need an appointment or stand in line. I tried for an appointment at Pasadena, West Covina, Rancho Cucamonga and Banning no luck. I called Dana she said she would try to get me an appointment. She called back and said she kept entering in the computer for an earlier time and got someone’s cancellation for Wednesday the eighteenth at the Pasadena office. Good job Dana. 

On Wednesday, my husband drove me for my appointment so I wouldn’t have to waste time looking for a parking space. I pass the long non appointment line and go to second in line marked appointments. Ok, no one at the window. Finally the woman behind the non appointment counter helped us. 

I was given a number and was told to sit in the area to my right by the windows marked sixteen through twenty-six. They all had eye charts so far so good I’ve only been inside about five minutes. When my number came up it said go to window number six. I was thinking where in the hell is window six when the people sitting near me started to laugh. I guess I said it out loud they told me to go on the other side of the office.

 I went up to the window and the lady behind the counter looked me up and down. Sh-t! She’s checking me out and knows I don’t weigh one hundred and thirty-five. Damn! I cross out the weight and add about fifty pounds. She checks my vision, takes my slip and asks if all the information is correct. I state the only thing different is my weight. She looked at me and smiled. Then said I didn’t have to change it. Too late I altered it in pen! 

Now, I was directed to have my picture taken. Flash, before I was ready. The guy behind the camera said reflections of the flash where on my glasses so I could take it over if I wanted to. I look at that horrible, horrible picture and declined. Another picture wouldn’t make me look thinner or cuter no one except the police will see it so this one will be fine. I walked out knowing I still won, because they still don’t know how much I really weigh and I left my hair color as brown instead of gray. Gottcha DMV! 


Today, Tuesday the twenty-fourth of March is my daughter Dana’s thirty-eighth birthday. Every year she drives us crazy starting on the first day in March with what she calls her official birthday count down. Every day she reminds us how many more days are left to her special day. Like, I need to be reminded when I first became a mommy.

Dana was early by ten days. She was due April fifth which happened to be her daddy’s birthday but made her debut one day before my birthday on the twenty-fifth of March. So Dana HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUGS AND KISSES.


1 Response to “DMV Renewal”

  1. 1 Dana March 29, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM EVER! I love you so much and I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. Oh and I almost forgot, thanks for birthing me…lol!
    Your Daughter

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