A Week In The Life

I can’t believe my luck. Mom has been home from the hospital less than a week and I had a feeling she’s was sick again. I called the doctors and was surprised being Monday that they had an appointment open at eleven. 

“Mom, get up we have an appointment today at eleven.”
“I don’t need to go the doctor’s.”
“Mom, I think your kidney infection is back. So you need to get up and we can go.”
“I don’t need to go, I don’t need to get up. You can go because I don’t need you.”
“You do need me, I’ll keep talking until you get up and get ready.” 

Forty-five minutes (and one nervous break down) later she’s up. Another thirty-five minutes for her shower, to dress and get the wheelchair into the car.

We saw the doctor, he ordered blood and urine tests. Blood tests that would normally take five minutes took thirty-five minutes because her blood was flowing slowly due to dehydration. Forget the urine test she did not want to have a catheter done at the doctor’s so instead of arguing I took her home did a catheter and drove back to the lab.

The next day Tuesday, the doctor called my mom had a different infection so he needed to change her medication. He asked that when I pick up the new prescription to drop of a new urine sample at the lab for further tests. Once I got to the lab, they informed me the doctor also added new blood work. So back home I go to bring mom back. 

“Mom, get dressed the doctor ordered new blood work.”
“Didn’t you just go to the lab?”
“Yes, I did but that was for urine tests not blood tests.”
“Two trips to the doctor’s in one day. Both you and the doctor don’t know what your doing?”
“Well, actually I’ve gone four times in two days. I’ve only had to take you two times.”
“Is that smart?”
“It may not be smart but it gives me time by myself. Just get ready.” 

On Wednesday I wanted to take my aunt and her daughter to visit my cousin Salle, she had emergency surgery that Sunday. (She was in the hospital ten days, but is now home and doing fine,) My husband volunteered to watch my mom. With the exception of my cousin being in the hospital it ended up being a nice morning. 

That evening off to my granddaughter’s first t-ball game. We had t-shirts that had Mac’s name and number on them. Two grandmas, one grandpa, Uncle Paul, Auntie Moo, mom and dad, one video camera and three digital cameras. All to capture family moments. (ie, skipping to first base, stopping to wave between first and second, twirling at short stop etc.) 

That night I was tired, I got completely undressed and put on an old comfortable housedress. Paul started the fireplace and we sat with munchies watching TV. Around nine there was a knock at the door. I reminded Paul that I couldn’t get up (lack of clothes) and he needed to answer it. It was the neighbors they are really great people who always bring something delicious over. 

Until tonight. All I heard was your roofs on fire! The neighbors came in, headed into the den where I was sitting in order to go out into the back yard to help my husband put out the fire. There I was sitting in a chair, snacks on my lap with no underwear. I had a decision to make, get up and let them see what I look like half naked or act like I didn’t care sit there and burn. Our neighbor’s wife always looks good even at nine at night so I decided to sit there and go up with the house. I’m sure they thought my behavior was strange and uncaring but I just couldn’t or wouldn’t get up and let them see me half naked in an old housedress. 

So, as my husband and neighbors put water on the roof to douse the flames. I sat with my goodies watching a new reality show Fire, Fire your House is on Fire. It was a small fire, just a minor repair. Everything and everybody is fine.

Friday off to the emergency room again. This time with my daughter Dana. Fast heartbeat, nausea and diarrhea. Dehydration! Now how can this be happening, I know she’s busy all day at work (drinking tea) but she knows the importance of drinking water. Oh well, at least she was embarrassed when we walked into the ER and the doctor and nurse greeted us by saying; Hi, Nancy usual room?


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