It Doesn’t Seem Like Christmas

Let me start out by saying I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that your New Year will be the best ever.

For those readers who don’t know me and my husband personally, let me tell you Christmas is really big for us. It starts out right after Thanksgiving dinner when I start decorating my first tree.

Yes, my first tree. At our home, we put up ten trees ranging from six feet to nine feet inside the house. (We don’t count trees under six foot). Since we moved in with my mother, I can only comfortably get five trees in her house and they range from six foot to seven feet in height.

By the first week in December, my house is turned into a winter wonderland. All our friends and family will joke around, but they enjoy it just as much as we do.

Well, it doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. First, my daughter Dana and her mother-in-law sent my son, Paul, and his wife, Muriel on a Crystal cruise for eight days from Miami to Aruba. They returned two days before Christmas.

My daughter Dana, her husband, Chris, and my granddaughter, Mackenzie, left for four days before Christmas for thirty five days to cruise to Antarctica. They will tour Chile, Cape Horn, Argentina, Elephant Island, Brazil, and Grand Turk.

We decided to delay Christmas.

So, my trees didn’t go up by the first week of December. They went up four days before Christmas Eve. (We will celebrate Christmas January 31st, when our granddaughter returns). My Christmas shopping will be done after Christmas at half-price.

We always have a Christmas Eve dinner for my husband’s side of the family, so with Paul and Muriel, a total of fifteen people were here this year. I needed to get trees up.

The entire time I was decorating my trees, my mother kept me “company.” Her gift to me this year was togetherness. It took me two days to get five trees up, with lights, ribbons, and decorations. If it had taken longer, I would have gone insane.

My days when I decorated went like this:

“Why bother, Christmas is around the corner, and you’ll just have to turn around and take it down”.
“Mom, it’s Christmas.”
“I don’t care, it’s a lot of work.”
“Mom, it’s okay, and I’m the one doing the work.”
“Well I guess it’s better than you just sitting around doing nothing.”
“Mom let’s just listen to Christmas music.”
“Oh, the tree looks beautiful with lights and ribbons. Stop now, you’ll over do it with ornaments.”
“Mom you can’t overdo ornaments”.
“Beautiful, just beautiful. What? Are you doing another tree?”
“Yes, another tree.”
“Your reason for another tree?”
“Mom, you don’t need another reason for more than one tree. Just enjoy.”
“What are all the boxes in the garage?”
“How many trees?”
“I knew ever since you where little you had a screw loose, and why do you turn up the music so loud?”
“Because I can still hear you.”

After, I was done decorating my mom informed me she did not want anything for Christmas; at her age, she has everything.

Later in the day, she brought up what she saw in the Macy’s ad, how pretty the new styles and colors are. She also reminded me of her size. But, don’t get her anything.

Our Christmas Eve party was fun. Getting together with my husband’s family is always a big hit. Everyone with the exception of Paul and Muriel left at 11:30. They stuck around until 1:15am. (We thought they’d never leave.) We had given them a Wii for Christmas and they started playing and wouldn’t stop. I thought about chewing through the cord but didn’t want to spend the rest of the night in the emergency room.

Christmas day was very quiet. I spent it with my husband, uncle, and mom. Paul and Muriel spent Christmas at her parents’.

Christmas is for families. So our Christmas will be when we’re all together. So be sure to read about my Christmas in February. I will hopefully be posting pictures.

Happy New Year!

A quote from Bill Vaughn: An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. Pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.


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