Press Talk and Say Hello

Today, I’ll be talking about my aunt. She reminds me of my dad. Their expressions and things they say and do make everyone around them laugh.

Well, my aunt keeps getting hang up calls. We’ve all had these types of calls and know how aggravating they can be. Our solution was Caller ID. Simple you say, please read on. 

My husband and I went to Fry’s and picked up a phone system with all the bells and whistles. The next day, we drove to her home approximately 80 miles away and installed them. I know when you’re older, it’s hard to get used to new gadgets, and since she is eighty, we thought it would be easier for her (and us) if we took our time programming the phone with different functions over the next few weeks. Fine. What we did was show her how to pick up messages on the answering machine, the address book, and to tell who’s calling on the ID screen. 

The next day, I called to see how she was doing. No answer. Called again, no answer. Later in the day, I tried one more time. Her neighbor answered. Apparently we did not program the phone to answer when the receiver was picked up. My aunt would answer, no one was on the line, and the phone will still be ringing. So I explained that she needed to press Talk and say hello.

Later that day, she was screening her calls and would call me to see who they were from. Two were from relatives, one in Canada and another in Seattle. The 800 numbers were probably telemarketers, just ignore those calls.

Next day, new problem. My aunt called to say the phone in the bedroom is beeping. I explained that I would have Paul call when he gets home in about an hour or so. Forty-five minutes later, the phone is still beeping, again Paul will call as soon as he gets in. My husband finally got home and called her back. Thinking the phone was not getting power from the plug that works the light switch, he told her to take the receiver and put it on another base to recharge.

An hour later, another call, it’s still beeping. He told her to take the batteries out of the receiver, still beeping. I told her to unplug the phone. Thirty minutes later, she reports she removed the mattress to reach the plug and guess what? The DAMN PHONE is still beeping. Just put it in the closet, we’ll be there on Sunday.

The phone is now unplugged and in the closet. My aunt goes into the room to put the mattress back on the bed, and believe it or not, SHE STILL HEARS BEEPING! She rolls over on the mattress and realizes it’s not the phone she hears, it’s the low battery warning on the smoke detector. 

An hour later, she calls again. She tried to press the reset button with a broom. The smoke detector wouldn’t go off, so she dragged in the ladder, climbed up, and pulled the smoke detector down. 

After a total of eight calls, it’s finally quiet. My husband and I sit down to relax. One more call, “when you come over on Sunday, can we fix the wires that I pulled down from the ceiling?” Yes, that’s no problem and just before I hung up, she wanted to know when she could get a cell phone.

I’m sorry, my phone’s beeping, I can’t hear you.


1 Response to “Press Talk and Say Hello”

  1. 1 Dana December 2, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Hi Mom,

    Thats too funny, but remember WE will ALL get there at some point, some just sooner than others 🙂

    I agree, she is alot like Papa.

    I Love You!


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