My Best Friend

My BF Nancy is to undergo surgery on Friday for the removal of her gallbladder.

If you remember my earlier entry, Opposites Attract, I talked about us being completely different.

I have known Nancy for 36 years, and yes, we are completely different. When our kids were little, we were both Stay at Home Moms. We didn’t have anyone helping us with cooking, baking, and housekeeping – we did it ourselves. But, we did it completely differently.

One of the big differences was our cooking. Nancy did everything from scratch. I, on the other hand, took short cuts. Au Gratin potatoes: I opened the box, added milk, water, and butter. 45mins later, dinner. Nancy would be peeling, slicing, grating cheese, adding the other ingredients (that my friend Betty Crocker did for me) and later, much later, her family would be eating. Now, don’t get me wrong, once in a great while I did cook from scratch, but it was just that: once in a great while.

Nancy worried that preservatives in prepared food would be harmful to her family. I worried cooking from scratch would be harmful to mine. Our kids now are in their thirties. They all grew up to be beautiful and healthy. No differences.

As far as our individual health, Nancy has always been more health conscious. Even now, she see’s a nutritionist; and has cleansed her body with herbal remedies. I still stick with the preservatives.

The last time she was visiting, she had an appointment with her nutritionist. Now here’s a big difference: I don’t feel the need to pay someone to tell me See’s Truffles and chips are bad. But, it works for Nancy; she felt so guilty that she dumps all the goodies out of her purse after seeing the doctor. Being her BF, I offered free of charge to smack her every time she opened her mouth to eat something that was not on the safe list. (Imagine having a list of safe food?) Well, by that evening, she was back on the wrong side of the tracks with a bowl full of ice cream.

Now, let’s talk about gallbladders.

Nancy is my true BF, I love her like an older sister (lol). Nancy’s gallbladder went south because of her trying to stay healthy.

Risk factors for gallstones are:
Family History.
Her mother had problems, but never had to have hers removed.
Nancy is 20/25lbs overweight. I on the other hand can be divided into two people.
A diet (rich) in cholesterol. (Does anyone remember cooking from scratch?)
Crash Dieting.
Nancy will cut down, but is not heavy enough for crash dieting. (I have been in quite a few crashes.)
Rapid Weight Loss.
Again, if Nancy had a rapid weight loss, she would disappear.
She is 59, but looks and acts like she in her early thirties.
I fall into the group of women for having a higher chance of gallstones.
Cholesterol Drugs. No.
Diabetes. No.
My first answer for Nancy and Joe was yes. Then I read it meant women had a higher chance than men. Oops.

So, here you have it. I should be the one having surgery, not Nancy. Bottom line is Nancy is the sweetest person, rich with love, family and friends; someone who puts all her love and heart into cooking for her family. But, who should have listened to her BF who took shortcuts in cooking and made dinners high in preservatives.

I told Nancy that last week on The Doctors (a great new show with doctor’s who have appeared on Oprah), they showed a surgery where they removed a gallbladder through the vajayjay, and an appendicitis through the throat. Both surgeries had little to no pain and an easy recovery. Nancy decided she will be having it done through her belly button.

All kidding aside, Nancy scared me. She sounded so sick (did I say drugged?) when she called to tell me she had another gallbladder attack. She’s in Colorado and I’m in California, and as much as I would like to go, my circumstances with my mother prevent me from going. At least she’ll have the surgery on Friday and Joe will be home all weekend. Did you hear me, Joe? All weekend. No coffee runs to Einstein’s. Her daughter is also nearby so I know she’ll have help.

Nancy has assured me it’s a common surgery. Everything will be fine.

I plan on calling her doctor the night before and explain that Nancy means everything to me, so she better get a good night’s sleep. Have a good breakfast and be on top of her game.

This just isn’t anybody, it’s my BEST FRIEND.


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