I Have No Friends

History: A week after we returned from taking our granddaughter Mackenzie to Colorado, she was off again with her parents on a business trip. This trip caused her to miss the first two weeks of preschool. They traveled to Venice, Pompeii, Monacco, and Monte Carlo.

The night before Mackenzie was going to school, my daughter explained that the kids in her class have been together for two weeks and have already made friendships. Her advice was to go in and introduce herself, explain she was on vacation, and to ask them their names. Simple.

“I have no friends.”

That’s all I heard from my granddaughter when I picked her up. She said she went up to the kids, introduced herself, told them she had been on vacation and asked them their names.

“Grandma, they walked away.”
“What do you mean they walked away?”
“They didn’t say anything to me. They just walked away. Rude huh, Grandma?”

My first instinct was to ask for names and what they looked like to take care of it Grandma style, but I didn’t. I was going to leave it to my daughter to handle.

That night Dana explained to Mac that it would take a while for kids to get use to her because they don’t really know her yet, just keep talking to them and they will turn around.

Second day, “I have no friends.”
“Mac, did you talk to them today?”
“Yes, I told them I went to Pompeii and saw a volcano (Mount Vesuvius). Then I told them the people tried to run, but the lava got them and they died and the lava turned them into stone. I saw dead people.”
“Mac, you really didn’t tell them you saw dead people, did you?”
“Yes. In stone.”

Grandma’s turn. I explained some four-year-olds don’t know where Pompeii is. Most of them don’t know what a volcano or lava is. All they know is this strange kid is now in the class, talking about dead people. My advice? Don’t talk about your vacation.

Third day, “I’m really upset, I’m not going back.”
“Now what’s wrong?”
“I have no friends, I want to go back to my other school.”
“Tomorrow is pizza day.”
“Okay, I’ll go.”

Dana talked to her that night. I have no idea what was said, but the next day she was smiling and sitting with three other girls when I went in. She said she wasn’t going to get upset anymore and that she made new friends and it was a good day.


Walking out of preschool she says, “Grandma, I’m upset.”


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