The Enabler

The Saint is also The Enabler.

Let me start off by giving you a little history. When The Enabler was about six, he was hiding behind a milk crate looking through the slats as his older brother shot at targets with a BB gun. You guessed it. A BB went through the slats and got The Enabler right in the eye.

My husband grew up with limited sight. (He said the sight in his right eye made things look like a negative). Over time, he lost all sight in that eye.

Here’s my problem. The best that I can figure is my husband can only see half of me. Apparently, I must look like a size ten. We have been together for 40+ years. (Married thirty eight). For all those years, I have heard him say things like:

Try it, you’ll like it. (Well, if you’re heavy, why would you want to try something to add to the list of what you already eat?)
Bet you can’t eat just one. (Duh, isn’t that the problem?)
You know you want some. (No, I want it all.)

The Enabler loves to grocery shop. If something comes in a pretty package or has the word CLEARANCE, HALF OFF, or BUY ONE GET ONE FREE – it’s in his cart.

Last Thursday, he came home from the 99 Cent Store (yes, the Ninety-Nine Cent store) with a package of mint cookies covered in chocolate. He placed them in the refrigerator. Later that night, he got them out when we were watching TV. Oh my gosh, they were delicious. Better than frozen Girl Scouts. (Don’t be stupid, not the Girl Scouts themselves, but their mint cookies). I was able to eat just one [package].

The next day he went back and bought more cookies. This time, he added chocolate peanut butter. Oh, yeah! They’re better than the mint.

Well, today I decided not to have any cookies (I didn’t say anything about tonight, baby steps, baby steps!)

Gotta go, The Enabler is going shopping and I want to give him an extra ten, just in case.


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