Is this What Heaven is Like? (Mom’s Gotta Go Phase II)

Phase Two of Mom’s Gotta Go is working.

My aunt S comes in every Thursday around noon and stays until Friday around three to give me some time for myself. She is an angel and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

As you may or may not know, Thursday is family night. For the past few years, The Saint and I have met our children at a designated restaurant to enjoy, laugh, and relax with our families. Then on Fridays, The Saint and I enjoy the day together. We will go for drives, shopping, meeting with friends, and have an early dinner together. The only other person allowed from time to time is Mackenzie (our granddaughter).

Last Thursday and Friday, my aunt let her know the jig is up. Straighten up and fly right or it’s off to the home. My Uncle Big C called and told her the same thing.

She’s scared straight.

Friday, when we came home. She met me in the dining room:
“You know, I really don’t want to go to the retirement home until I’m ready.”
“You’re ready.”
“I don’t know what I do wrong.”
“Mom, I don’t want to go into this anymore. You know exactly what you do and say. My mind is made up your going.”
“What if I’m good? I’ll eat, drink, walk everyday and start talking to you better.”
“Mom, you’ve promised this before; your good for two weeks and then it’s over. I’m not falling for it anymore.”
“No, really I will change.”
“Mom, your going October 1st, the only way your not going is if a room is not available, then it will be November 1st. I really don’t want to send you, but you have left me no choice, if you do well up until then, you can stay, but if you start slipping up it’s adios!”
“I’ll show you, I can change.”

Well, friends it’s been 8 days into phase two of “Mom’s Gotta Go.”

She has not uttered one name or bad word in my direction. She has not tried to start an argument. She has made an effort to be pleasant to everyone. She has eaten one small meal each day without giving me grief. She has been drinking fluids. She has not walked (due to twisting her foot getting out of shower).

Is this what Heaven is like?

It’s funny, I haven’t felt any different this week. I’m still having problems with my nerves. It’s like I’m on edge waiting for the shoe to drop. Maybe this new relationship will take time to get used to or maybe my mother is just around the corner, quietly waiting.


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