Calling Habits

Going back to Guest Entry #2, where my daughter made reference about my calling habits irritating my son.

Yes, I call my children all the time. Dana and I talk at least three to four times a day. It’s not because I watch my granddaughter, Turtle, during the day. We just have always talked. She’s self-employed, and if need be, puts me on hold or we hang up and resume later.

My son, who is also self-employed, doesn’t like to be interrupted. In his business, I understand it can break up his concentration. I try, honestly, not to call. But sometimes, I need to talk to Moo, or if The Saint is over there house, I call the home number and not the business line. But, if it’s an emergency or for something important, I do call the office line.

So my question is, why does he pick up the home phone while he’s working? It has an answering machine. He knows, if it was important, the family would call the office.

He says I call for dumb reasons, which I’m sure I do. But, what about the years I raised him to be a fine and handsome (yes, handsome) young man? Does he think he didn’t drive me nuts with dumb questions?

Does he not realize he is part of the problem? When I call, just answer my question. But, no, he acts like he’s in the CIA.

Yesterday I called regarding his business trip on Sunday to Texas. I wanted to see where he was going. After all, I’m a mom – his mom. Our conversation was as follows:

“Paul, where are you going in Texas?”
“I just wanted to know where your going? Because of the weather.”
“I’m talking with Norma, and she said her family in Houston had to leave the area due to the hurricane.”
“So, where are you going?”
“Because of Hurricane Ike.”
“You did know there’s a hurricane? It may impact your flight or hotel.”

The conversation could have gone like this:

“Paul, where are you going in Texas?”
“Keep track of the weather with the hurricane.”

Does he not realize, our conversations would be shorter if he just answered my dumb questions?

That’s all I have to say about this matter.

Oh, I just remembered I have to call and ask him something.


2 Responses to “Calling Habits”

  1. 1 Muriel September 17, 2008 at 10:21 am

    I know why he acts like that.
    But I should know why, since he’s my beau.

  2. 2 Paul September 29, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    > Does he think he didn’t drive
    > me nuts with dumb questions?

    Uhh… well I wouldn’t call “are you going to feed us today?” and “why are you hitting me?”, dumb questions 😉

    Maybe you are thinking of the other one, who asked “Why am I wearing cereal?”

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