Handicap Hotel Bliss

Since I’m very picky as to where I’ll stay when on vacation, I booked all my hotels online a week prior to leaving. I tried to book most of my stays at Hampton Inns (their cloud nine beds are the best).

First stay was at the Hampton Inn in Richfield, Utah. For some reason, their website only let me book a handicap room. No problem, a few bars in the tub and possible taller commode. When we entered the room, it was a typical Hampton room – perfect. I told my granddaughter to see if we had a tub so she could take a play-bath. She went into the bathroom and came running out saying, “it’s not a shower, it’s not a tub, I don’t know what it is.”

It was a stall shower, the size of a tub. The tile on the floor continued into the shower at a slight slope. The shower curtain had about 6 inches lying on the floor I assumed to keep water from going everywhere. It was strange.

Well, I was the first to take a shower and oh my gosh. I was in love with this bathroom. First off, I didn’t even have to lift my leg to get in. I just did a little shuffle, pulled the curtain and then it happened. I heard Angels sing. Inside the shower, there was a handheld pulsar shower head.   I let out a little scream and started to giggle like a school girl. My husband, poor thing, almost broke his neck running in to see what happened. I didn’t come out until my body looked like a raisin.

Second night was at the Hampton Inn, Montrose Colorado. The room, again, was a typical Hampton room – really nice. But, I was disappointed that it had a regular tub.

The next 3 nights were at the Hampton Inn, in Colorado Springs. They have 3 hotels in the same city; I picked the newest one thinking it would be the best.

Well, our room was on the 1st floor, next to the breakfast room. It was very small. My side of the bed was 2 ft away from the wall. My husband, The Saint, went to the front desk and complained that in the morning we would like a new room. The clerk explained that we were in a new standard room which is smaller and that they did get complaints about the size. She would let them know in the morning.

My night was a nightmare. My butt is at least 3ft wide, so when I got up to go to the bathroom; I left half my ass on the wall. Then at 5am, I could hear cabinets opening and pots banging. I’m really upset.

In the morning, my husband was told that there were no other rooms available. He picked up the directory of hotels and came back to the room. Not even 5 mins passed when the front desk called saying they would have a room with two queen beds later today. No problem.

When we returned later in the day, we were placed in a wonderful king suite. No additional cost. I just love the Hampton inn.

Our 6th night was in Gallup, New Mexico. Two hours prior to our arrival, we got a call on our cell from the hotel. The elevator was out. A technician had been called, but they couldn’t guarantee an elevator would be available and our king suite was on the 4th floor, would there be a problem? Well yes, by the time I would get to the room it would be time to leave. We would make a decision to find another hotel when we got there.

When we arrived, they said they had a large handicap room on the 1st floor. Oh yeah, I remember the shower from the first hotel so we took the room. Oh my gosh, the room was horrible, the bathroom was horrible, it was like Bates Motel. Never again. When we left the next morning, we noticed a few miles away was a newer Hampton Inn. Next time, we’ll try there.

For the 7th and 8th night we stayed at the Prescott Resort in Prescott, Arizona. The hotel was adjunct to Bucky’s Casino which The Saint said was a dump. However, the hotel was nice. All non-smoking and very inexpensive for a king suite ($79.00 to $89.00). It was a suite with two rooms and two TV’s; our granddaughter was excited because she said we snore.

The last 3 nights were at the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, Nevada. I’m not really a River Rat. But, the hotel is nice and it has a Saltgrass Restaurant. If you like steaks, their Ribeye’s are to die for.

Well, I knew the vacation was over when I was eating my Egg McMuffin in the front seat of the car. Bye, Denny’s. Bye, IHOP.


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