Guest Entry #3

All of you Nancy fans, have no fear, I have on more than just underwear. What was Muriel thinking? My husband would go blind if I walked around the house in my underwear.

Ah, to be a newlywed again.

Well, the first night that my parents and my daughter were away I received a few phone calls from my mom. The first was to tell me that the hotel only had handicap accessible rooms available, making the shower even with the floor, and the curtain hung to the ground. From what I gather, the floor slopes a bit so the water doesn’t go to other parts of the bathroom. My mom now wants one of these for Grandma; she even said that she loved it for herself. Since that night, I have received a few calls from her just talking about the shower… how exciting!

The next call we received that first night, my husband answered, and my mom said she was relaxing in her housecoat and nightgown as she saw this flash of light. Now, when my husband is telling me this story, I’m thinking a fire and explosion, you know, some sort of emergency. Well, the only emergency was my daughter taking pictures with her digital camera. Now, my mom hates to have her picture taken, I could only imagine that she was not too thrilled to have it taken in her housecoat and nightgown. I’m thinking it probably played out like Britney Spears attacking the paparazzi. And, I know my daughter’s first instinct is to protect her camera and her pictures.

This is very funny to me, and I’ll tell you why later.

For now, let’s talk about my 4-year-old’s camera that her Uncle Paul and Auntie Muriel bought her for Christmas one year. It’s a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and it holds quite a few pictures, but we thought since we travel quite a bit, maybe we should buy her an SD card for vacation. Now? That baby holds approximately 1800 pictures, and that bit of info probably has my mom fully dressed going to bed. I called back to talk to Mackenzie and I told her that I would pay her $50.00 to bring that photo to Mommy. It’s always good to have bribery material just in case my mom decides to write about me on her blog J

So, about my daughter and cameras. One year, she was about 3 years old, and we were out of town staying with some friends. I tucked Mackenzie and my husband, Chris, into bed and went to take a shower. When I walked out of the bathroom, my husband was asleep and my daughter was awake, playing with my cell phone. Okay, at least she is being a good little girl, keeping herself occupied while Mommy showered. Skip to a few weeks later, and I’m going through pictures on my mobile with my brother, Paul. Oh no, wait a minute, what was that picture I just saw, as I yank my cell phone from my brother. Holy moly, no way, who took this… naked picture of ME!?

After studying the picture, I realized that while my daughter was being a good little girl that evening at our friend’s home, she was actually taking NAKED photos of me. After that incident, I no longer let Mackenzie hold, touch, or even look at my cell phone.

So with another 9 ½ days and 1700+ pictures to take, Mom and Dad enjoy your vacation, we should have warned you about the (littlest) paparazzi!



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