Guest Entry #2

Hello Nancy fans,

This is Muriel, the daughter-in-law, with guest entry #2. I’m hoping Nancy, The Saint, and Mackenzie are enjoying their vacation together. Frankly, I’m jealous that I’m not on a road trip somewhere with a four-year-old kicking at my seat.

But that’s okay, Nancy and The Saint highly deserve time off from Grandma.

I was going to write about Nancy’s calling habits that upset my husband, Paul, but instead, I’m mentioning the fact that I’m sitting here in my underwear.

Yes, that’s right.
My underwear.

As it so happens, I enjoy being in my underwear. Mostly because I normally wear a compression stocking with long pants to cover my unshaved legs and horrible surgical scar. This gets very hot and uncomfortable, especially in our summer months. But if I were to be really honest, I like being in my underwear at any time of the year because it just feels good.

Normally, I can’t do this. The Saint is usually here in the house, working hard at something, so there are constant chances of us bumping into each other. I don’t think he would appreciate seeing me in my skivvies and I would be fairly embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t at least put some socks on.

But until the 29th, I’m free! Undies galore!

Unless Dana’s husband pops by.
Then I’ll be the fastest moving object on Earth.


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