Guest Entry #1

This is Dana, Nancy’s daughter. My sister-in-law and I decided to write here as guests so that all five readers don’t think she dropped off the face of the earth. My parents are just on a long-needed vacation with their only grandchild (my daughter), Mackenzie. They left early Monday morning for 5 states in 11 days, celebrating not only their anniversary, but their time away from Grandma. They’ll be back on the 29th.

We basically traded Mackenzie and Grandma for 11 days. Not a problem, Mackenzie will behave for them and Grandma will behave for me. You know when you’re young and you don’t listen or behave for your parents, but once you’re with people other than them, you’re an angel? So we did the trade, and I think I have it a little easier since I’m not staying the night at Grandma’s.

As for my mom, Nancy, where do I start? Do I start with what an excellent daughter, wife, mom, grandma, best friend she is? Or do I start with this blog that she is now writing? Holy Moses, my mom’s writing a blog! I thought I was being punked when I saw it.

My mom has always, well not always (we’ll get into that later), cracked me up when she would talk to me about news within our family or at her old job that she absolutely despised. Does despised mean loved? Yes, she despised her job, but she absolutely loved her coworkers. My mom’s old employer and employees hated to see her go, I think they wanted to keep her on the payroll just for the comedy. It didn’t matter if she was getting the work done or not, just make ’em laugh! I should mention, in all seriousness, that she was a very hardworking, honest, and loyal employee for 30 years. Or something like that.

Growing up, I will always be, the oldest of my parents’ children. I have a younger brother, but I’m their favorite (wink, wink). My childhood was wonderful and I’ve been told by friends how they wished they could have my parents. I wasn’t the easiest child, being the troublemaker in the family, but that was when I was younger and I am nothing like that today. (Don’t mention that to my brother and sister-in-law, they might lie and say they see it differently).

As I’ve grown up, married (surprisingly, my husband didn’t run), and adopted our daughter, I’ve realized how awesome my mom and dad are and always have been.

In fact, I have become MY MOM.
How many of you have realized that once you had a child?



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