The Hour by Hour Commitment

Oh my gosh, did anyone see “Defeating Obesity” on Discovery Health with Oprah’s friend, Dr. Oz? It scared the hell out of me. I was so frightened, I deleted it from TiVo.

Now, I’m probably going to get this wrong, because I had one eye closed when I watched it. Don’t ask me why, it just seemed safer at the time to have one eye closed. He said the inches around your waist should be half of your height. Sh-t! I should be 9ft tall! (Come on do the math. I dare you.)

I was so depressed; I couldn’t enjoy my ice cream.

The show followed four people he was helping. He scared the crap out of them too. They all tried to change their lifestyles – eating correctly and exercising, one even had gastric bypass. Each one of them hit a plateau and lost motivation. Dr. Oz then re-entered their lives to give them a jump start. This show proved more real than most reality television, as it showed that I’m some are not willing to commit 100% even when we are faced with the truth.

I’m not going to lie and commit 100% in changing my lifestyle because it won’t happen. I eat when I’m under stress and living 24/7 with my mom means my plate is always full.

I also realize it’s not how much I eat or what I eat, it’s that I need to exercise. But, I will not exercise where my mother will see me. That would be like putting a target on my head; her comments now are enough to make me eat the left side of the Outback menu.

Here’s what I will commit to: cutting down and get moving.

I will be going on vacation in four days for two weeks. Without Mom. We’ll be taking our granddaughter along so I should get more exercise. If this change is for real, or if I am unable to commit, you will know.

I am not going to take this lifestyle change day by day, I will take it hour by hour.

Mom is awake.
“Good morning, Mom.”
“Good morning, Mom, I know you hear me.”
Silence. Then she speaks, “another day, another week, I don’t know why I’m here.”
“Mom, please don’t start.”
“I want something sweet.”

I’m hungry already.


3 Responses to “The Hour by Hour Commitment”

  1. 1 Stace August 13, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    I didn’t see that special, but the idea that your waist should be half your height makes me quite happy because mine’s under… but then I stopped to think about it and realized that just like the BMI index, it’s probably an incaccurate assesment if you’re taller or shorter than average.

    Hmm.. As someone who lost a lot of weight (most of it put on due to living with my mother who, like yours, provided plenty of food and was a critical of exercise attemptS), I think the best advice is just cut out bread. Seriously. Not even like pastas, rice or other grains. Just cut out bread or limit yourself to it once a day. Try to think if it’s being “useful” or not (IE holding a sandwich together) or if you’re just eating it to eat bread. I lost 50 lbs by quitting eating non-useful bread! And it’s not a huge lifestyle change at all. =)

    Best of luck!

  2. 2 Muriel August 15, 2008 at 7:55 am

    I’m commenting here so you’ll get all excited and realize aw, it’s just Moo. =)

    No horseback riding tomorrow with Mac. The MIL got the flu, so I’ve emailed Dana to see if the 30th is okay. I feel bad since I’m sure Mac was excited (because I know I was).

  3. 3 Tamara August 29, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    I didn’t see taht either but I have major weight loss issues. Egh. Where’s my Snickers bar damn it?

    No.. really. I wish I would have… I like Dr. Oz!

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